Planning your Sweet 18 Birthday Party

18 is such an important age (mostly for females) in the Philippines. Most of their childhood dreams of wanting to hit puberty and become an adult culminate by turning 18. It’s their “debut” and you can’t have a debut without a debut planner, right? Not exactly. It’s still is a good idea to have a debut party planned but for people on a budget, planning on your own could be an option. Here are some planning options to help you get started.

Of course, anyone’s 18th birthday is important – every birthday is! But this day reflects you’re coming of age as well as a welcome to the adult world. Reflect hard on what defines you as a person and let that show on how you choose to spend your birthday. It could be as simple as a family gathering with a few of your closest friends having dinner and drinks. It could be as elaborate as a cotillion with a theme built around things you are passionate about like art, the sciences—anything goes!

Jade Green Gold and Purple Peacock Musical Wedding or Party Invitation and RSVP Card. Comes in Musical Box that Sings! Singing Music boxed invite in jade. Totally custom, high end/class, couture, elegant invite.

Jade Green Gold and Purple Peacock Musical Wedding or Party Invitation and RSVP Card. Comes in Musical Box that Sings! Singing Music boxed invite in jade. Totally custom, high end/class, couture, elegant invite.

Plan ahead and Budget Well

This is especially true for elaborate debuts as well as birthdays that will be spent out of town. Planning means that you have to canvass for event places, food cost, and amenities (favors, invites, chairs, tables, and man power to name a few). You have to check the budget constantly if it could fit your desired number of guests. Always keep in mind that a more ambitiously themed party will either cost more money or will require you to be more resourceful with the budget you already have. It is a good idea to start planning at least 6-9 months in advance so you can space out all the details. First thing, find a venue that can accommodate your date and your budget, then plan to do one item per week on your to do list. Remember if you want custom invitations, they can take up to 5 months to come in (according to what you want) so after you have chosen your venue and the date; order the invitations next. You might want to consider the latest trend in invites: MUSICAL invitations.


It’s a party—it’s YOUR 18th birthday party. On this day, everyone is looking at you. If you planned properly, you should be all set.  Don’t stress yourself out too much that you can’t have a good time anymore, especially come the day of the event. Some things will mess up. Not everything will fall into place and that’s ok. Don’t let it get you down and instead have fun with what’s working alright. It is, after all, a celebration of your life, so at the very least, bring that life to the party.

These are very basic points to take not of to help you maximize your time and money but don’t let this restrict you to what you think is best for you. Spoil yourself every once in a while. It is your debut after all.

Our Guest Poster is from the Phillippines
Pierre Angela Cruz, is a Marketing Consultant for Ailen Lim Evernts Planner. The leading debut party planner in the Philippines. She can be reached at


Best #Wedding Jewelry Tips for the Mother of the Bride

bridaljewelryAs the mother of the bride, next to her, her lucky groom, as well as their wedding party, you are likely to warrant a lot of attention. You should also keep in mind that you will be one of the stars in their wedding album and videos. Obviously, you want to be remembered by your future grandchildren for your outstanding sense of fashion but not your hip replacement. This is why you should play it safe by choosing wedding jewelry designs that flatter your bone structure according to the shape of beautiful bracelet, cascading earrings and necklaces that can help you be the mother of the bride that everyone else in that wedding aspires to have. Below are Wedding Jewelry Tips for The Mother of the Bride that you can make good use of:

1. Buy Modern accessories
Wearing modern jewelry does not mean that you abandon classics. The trick to merging other jewelry to modern generation is by choosing those pieces that have interesting and colorful features. You can use these jewelries to match with the color of your dress into the wedding color theme.

2. Avoid wearing cheap jewelries
You should not confuse quality handmade jewelry with those things that you can find at a low quality boutique in a mall. There are jewelries that are affordable yet classic. From example you can make good use of Michael Kors jewelry and Mi Moneda, who offer sophisticated jewelry for everyone. They also offer wedding rings as well as engagement rings.

3. Celebrate your youth
Jewelries can be a great way to shave off a few years from your bone structure. Just pay attention to the shape of your face when choosing earrings. Cascading earrings flatter your appearance especially if you have oval-shaped face while short dangles elongate a round or square face. Neat and delicate necklace picks up your feminine curves of collarbones while long pendants can distract from fleshier shoulders.

4. Match your jewelry to wedding color theme
You should put into consideration your photos and your crucial role in this lifetime event of your beloved daughter. This is why you should make sure hat your jewelries matches the wedding theme color. There are those necklaces that can be customized to your desired color.

5. Do not match the bridesmaids
Remember that you are the bride’s mother but not her maid. For this purpose, you should avoid choosing jewelry or outfits that matches the bridal party, or worse a color that clashes with it. Try to distinguish yourself from the maids by being unique with jewelries that do not resemble theirs in any way.

6. Keep colors low
Depending on the wedding theme, you will have a lot of choices to make when it comes to the dress that will complement your jewelry. The most important thing is to avoid too many prints and patterns all together. Weddings are mostly classified by simple and solid colors, and so to honor your daughter and make her proud of you, you should follow suit. Just pick a color that you know will look great on you and then team it up with your accessories.

7. Avoid white
You should not wear white at any cost. Be it off-white, pale rose blush, light tan, or any other color that can be confused with white at a distance. After all, this is your daughters wedding. Do not let anyone forget that.

Hopefully, the above tips will help you in finding and creating a fabulous wedding jewelry that expresses you inner feeling and beauty while allowing you feel comfortable and confident in your daughters’ most important day in her life.

Guest Author Bio: Biljana is a a fashion and jewelry writer, searching and publishing the best advice online on behalf of many online jewelry stores such as the Fields jewelers in Ireland. She can be reached at

Alternative #GiftIdeas For The #Bride And #Groom

Wedding season is upon us and if you’re planning to attend your friends’ or relatives’ special events this summer you may be thinking about gifts. Some couples have a specific list of items they want, which is usually pinned down to one-twos stores and/or a honeymoon fund, but if you’re looking for an alternative to the ever-popular gifts of crockery, towels, bed linen and vouchers, here are some ideas:

 1. Experiences 
Ice Bar in St. Petersburg, Russia

Ice Bar in St. Petersburg, Russia

Gift experiences are a great way to treat your loved ones to a special, fun-filled day together, which will create lasting memories. The market for this kind of gift has boomed in recent years and the range of options is increasing all the time. You can choose from driving, flying or diving adventures, to afternoon tea, photo shoots and wildlife experiences, so there’s something to suit every couple. There is a huge range of prices and usually there is a lot of flexibility in terms of dates and locations.


 2. A spa break 
Manicure Spa Treatment

Manicure Spa Treatment

Planning a wedding can be exhausting stuff, so what could be better than treating the bride and groom to a relaxing spa break? You can book directly with a hotel or go through an online site or agent to create your own package or simply give vouchers, so that the couple can choose their own treatments and dates. Popular spa treatments include facials, massages and manicures and many hotels also offer dining packages, as well as access to facilities including Jacuzzis and hot tubs, swimming pools, tennis courts and steam rooms.




 3. Personalized presents 
Personalized Ella Door Knocker from Pottery Barn

Personalized Ella Door Knocker from Pottery Barn

Personalized presents show you care and they are a great way of ensuring that your gift is completely unique. There are so many different ideas to choose from, from personalized pillowcases and cushions to prints and pictures. This is a great gift if your friends have very specific interests, they have a favorite song or they enjoy doing things, such as cooking or travelling. Some ideas include personalized round-the-world prints detailing places they have visited, Mr and Mrs door mats, cushions and pillowcases and personalized cheeseboards, wine corks or aprons.





 4. Smile makeover 
White Smile Courtesy of Sensu, London, U.K.

White Wedding Day Smile courtesy of Sensu in London, U.K.

Many brides and grooms are desperate to overhaul and improve their appearance in time for their big day, so why not treat your special friends or loved ones to a smile makeover as an early wedding present? Smile makeovers at Sensu are made up of different dental treatments, which may include tooth whitening, cosmetic braces, cosmetic bonding and veneers, and the aim is to create a beautiful smile. Prices for cosmetic dentistry vary so there should be something to suit ever budget.







 5. Art 
"COUTURE" By Ashley David

“COUTURE” By Ashley David

It’s good to give presents that last and pieces of art represent a unique gift, which will last a lifetime. You don’t have to spend thousands on an original, as you can simply buy a print or look for pieces by less well-known artists. A picture is a thoughtful gift and every time the couple looks at it, they will think of you.









 6. A gift that grows 
Desert Rose

The Desert Rose grows so slowly that they survive for generations.

Trees and plants are an interesting alternative to bouquets of flowers and the usual homeware gifts, as they grow over the course of time and will last for many years. This is a particularly good gift idea for green-fingered brides and grooms or couples who have recently bought a home together and are looking to revive and refresh the garden.






Buying wedding gifts can be tricky, especially if you are very close to the couple and you want to buy something, which is a little more heartfelt and special than the usual run of the mill wedding list items. Thinking outside the box, taking the couples interests into account and adding a personal touch are guaranteed to ensure you make positive strides to choosing a perfect present.

Richard BuckleyGuest Blogger: Richard is a Manchester based writer soon to be married in September. He focuses on health and dental care and is currently he is working with the dental professionals at to educate people on the benefits of a straighter smile and oral health. He can be reached at

Wedding Wednesday: Danielle and Grant Alford #fairytalewedding

I met Danielle Querin eleven years ago when we were both middle schoolers in Palmer, Alaska. After high school flew by we both moved away – I to Florida, and Danielle to Washington. Danielle met her future husband, Grant Alford in Washington State and she became Mrs. Alford on September 8, 2012 and exchanged vows at Saint Josephs Catholic Church in Spokane with all her friends and family in attendance.

Not wanting her bridal excitement to be discouraged by unanticipated problems, Danielle decided to be in complete control from the start and not hire a wedding planner. According to our very organized bride, “The end result was beautiful but the road getting there was bumpy.  Wedding prep can be stressful. Not everything will be perfect along the way but if you keep your mind on the end result and what is really most important throughout it all you will have not only a beautiful wedding, but a beautiful marriage.” alford4

When she first started planning the wedding, she was unsure of how big the budget would be so she chose the colors gold and ivory because even if it was a small, low budget wedding, gold would help make it look classy, elegant, and upscale.

I need to mention that this couple is a huge Disney fan. Of course the first thing is the dress – she choose a strapless custom-made fairytale ball gown style – what other time can a girl get away with one? In addition, the bride’s lace gloves (both gown and gloves were designed and made by Marcella’s) and blonde wavy up-do made her the complete princess package. Her bridesmaids were in lovely beige tone dresses they found on sale at JC Penney’s!alford17

Danielle didn’t want a cookie-cutter cake (pardon the pun) and her cake was anything but.  This unique “cake” pictured here is not edible; it is actually three overturned hat boxes that have been expertly decked out to resemble an enormous gold and ivory three-tiered cake. And the topper – well, nothing less than Cinderella and her Prince would have suited this Disney fan!  And instead of the traditional cutting of the  cake photo,  instead of feeding each other a slice, they had cream puffs.alford13

She also wanted her flowers to be memorable and decided against REAL bouquets  but instead had her lovely gold and ivory rose bridal bouquet was made by aNeMoNe, a paper florist and the centerpieces were made from silk flowers by the creative bride herself. These are truly flowers that won’t die.alford10


The only hiccup in the day was her makeup artist. Danielle recalls “I did not do a trial run and hated my makeup. And on top of that she took an hour longer than expected and threw off the day’s schedule making the videographer and photographer have to wait on me”. Her tip to other brides, “If you are comfortable doing your own make up, do it!  If you are having someone else do it, make sure you do a trial run. No one knows your face and makeup better than yourself.

The couple also wanted the food to be very memorable. After sitting through two tastings, the menu did not feel right until one day at lunch they decided to book Pizza Factory to make personal pizzas for everyone. The (groom’s parents) backyard reception was in a tent of gold and ivory. Many trips to thrift stores provided them with 120 gold plate chargers, wine, water, and champagne glasses along with all the beautiful drapes used throughout the tent.A team of twelve young men from the football team that Grant coaches volunteered to serve the appetizers, salads, pizzas, and beverages – most of the accompanying food came from Costco and her mother in law made the serving jackets for the servers.  Elegant touches such as their logo embroidered gold napkins really helped complete the theme. alford1

Danielle heard that some brides were not hiring videographers but she is so glad she had a videographer in addition to a photographer. I could not agree more – pictures don’t convey the subtle looks exchanged between the couple. This video by Grace Media is beautiful.  Her wedding photographer was Gary Peterson Photography.

If Danielle had gotten her invitations done by Music Box Invites, I think she would have chosen our Great Gatsby ones in gold and ivory, accented by pearls. The song? Why, One Day My Prince will Come, obviously!IMG_3097

Spring, Summer, Fall, or a Winter #Wedding – Choosing the Right Season for your Wedding

Choosing the Right Season for your wedding

     Weddings are, by nature, highly personal events. As such, you want every aspect of your special day to reflect your tastes and personalities. Determining the right season for your wedding is a huge first step that can help focus the rest of your planning, from menus to color schemes, music and invitations.

      Not sure which time of year will suit you best? Considering the pros and cons of each season can help aid your decision.

Yellow Swirl Musical Invitation

Yellow Swirl Musical Invitation

Pros: Your wedding is a new beginning, and springtime is a perfect metaphorical backdrop for this life changing step. New leaves are unfurling and flowers are budding. Temperatures frequently hover in that perfect space between pleasantly warm and refreshingly cool. The abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables works well for those desiring a fresh, seasonal menu. Spring lends itself to a lighter color palette like pastels and pairs well with soft floral designs and tunes for decorations and invitations.

Cons: With all those fresh blooms comes the biggest downside to spring weddings: allergy season. Spring is also graduation season, which may cause a scheduling conflict for a number of guests. Additionally, the closer you get to summer, the greater your chances are of running into competition for vendors or locations as you approach peak wedding season.

Elegant Beach Musical Invitation

Elegant Beach Musical Invitation

Pros: Summer is popular wedding season for many reasons: long days with plenty of sunlight, beautiful scenery for photos, abundant flowers, and minimal conflicts with school or other holidays. It’s the perfect time for outdoor ceremonies and receptions. It’s also the perfect season for those desiring a destination wedding, as guests might be more willing or able to combine attending your wedding with summer vacation plans. As for color palette and decorative choices, summer is the time to go big or go home. Go wild with vibrant bridesmaids’ dresses and/or colorful blooms. Get playful with your invitations and don’t be afraid to try something unique, colorful, or quirky.

Cons: The days may be long but they are also hot hot hot. Summer heat and humidity can cause flowers to wilt, make up to run, frosting to melt, and guests to sweat like crazy. Bugs are also out in full force, which can make for a miserable reception if you don’t take preventative measures. And, as the peak of wedding season, summer results in higher competition for venues, vendors, and other must haves.

Cherry Blossom Musical Invitation in Autumn Shades

Cherry Blossom Musical Invitation in Autumn Shades

Pros: One word: foliage. Autumn weddings can take advantage of the beautiful back drop of the changing leaves. As with spring, temperatures are cooler but outdoor weddings are still possible, especially early in the season. Fall weddings pair well with down-to-earth décor and earthy or autumnal color palettes. You can even incorporate a bit of nature into invitations by using pressed leaves, or in your decorations by using rustic centerpieces that utilize more branches or leaves than out of season blooms.

Cons: School is back in session which means parents with school aged children, college and grad students may have a more difficult time taking off for your wedding. While the weather can be cool but temperate, you run the risk of having an early cold snap ruin your plans for outdoor festivities.

Cake Musical Invitation in Silver and Pastels

Cake Musical Invitation in Silver and Pastels

Pros: Winter always provides a unique and memorable backdrop, either with stark scenery or snowy landscapes. It’s the perfect season for those desiring more traditional, elegant colors and themes: classic combinations like red, white and black work especially well with a wintery theme. Although holidays can be a con (see below), they can also be a plus for those who wish to embrace the holiday season. Book a reception venue with roaring fireplaces, serve cocoa and give away chestnuts and candy canes. Send out elegantly scripted invitations that play an instrumental version of your favorite carol to get your guests into the seasonal mindset.

Cons: Winter is filled with scheduling conflicts and unpredictable weather. Either your run into scheduling conflicts with major holidays, or your run the risk of having your plans halted or delayed due to snow and ice. While winter landscapes are beautiful, your bridal party might not be willing to freeze in order to get outdoor photos, limiting you to indoor shots. Outdoor receptions are generally out of the question, which means more logistical problems (like preventing the flower girl from running riot through a nice hotel or keeping the cigarette smoke from smoking guests from interfering with the health or wedding experience of the non-smokers).

While it is important to keep the cons in mind, it is most important to pick a season whose pro column matches your needs. Pick the season you love and then do your best to plan for any conflicts or problems. At the end of the day, you’ll be married to the love of your life; isn’t that the most important part?


Adrienne ErinAdrienne Erin is a freelance writer and designer who loves social media, music, and the French language. To see more of her work, follow her on Twitter at @adrienneerin or visit her blog, Design Roast.

Wedding Wednesday: Mariel & Milton’s Fairy Tale #Wedding

 Ceremony and Reception 
© Glen Weisgerber, 2012

© Glen Weisgerber, 2012

Mariel Hernández married the love of her life, Milton Carrero, on May 27, 2012 in Moca, Puerto Rico. They wanted an outdoor wedding that was not at the beach so they chose the beautiful Palacete Los Moreau, a French-style castle turned museum.

As the bride walked down the aisle, she shimmered in her Maggie Sottero gown, underneath which were Badgley Mischka bridal pumps. Not one to wear a traditional veil, her eyes were covered by a whimsical birdcage veilDidi Saldana was able to perfectly capture the hair and makeup look that she desired.


© Glen Weisgerber, 2012

© Glen Weisgerber, 2012

One of their favorite elements were the Wish Lanterns.

At the end of the reception, guests were invited to light up the sky with a wish using White Eco Wish Lanterns. These wish lanterns are made with rice paper on a bamboo frame that will biodegrade soon after landing so that it keeps the beautiful venue green and healthy.

The couple also used biodegradable confetti.



  Guest Favors 
© Glen Weisgerber, 2012

© Glen Weisgerber, 2012

To thank guests for coming, Mariel incorporated her love of fortune cookies into the wedding favors. Inside each takeout box was a colored fortune cookie with the message “As we start our new journey we want to thank you for coming aboard and celebrating with us.” Mariel used her innovation to make the tags on the custom takeout boxes using scrapbooking materials.



 Treasured Moments 
© Glen Weisgerber, 2012

© Glen Weisgerber, 2012

Friends and family who attended were involved in this special day more than once. During the reception they were invited to share their table cards which had the names of places where the couple shared special moments together, like their favorite beach, first kiss, first date, favorite restaurant, and the proposal.

The couple treasured many moments from their wedding, among them- their first night as a married couple at Villa Montaña Beach Resort and a custom music video featuring the couple by Fortaleza Mia Ministry.






Mariel and Milton loved their 24-day Mediterranean Romance Cruise aboard Ms. Nieuw Amsterdam from Holland American Line, followed by three days in Barcelona, Spain!





 Recommended Invitation 

We think that our musical invitation Amethyst Damask would have suited Mariel and Milton’s classy and conscientious wedding nicely.





Allow us to feature your wedding next! Send an email to and we will follow up with the next steps.

Great Wedding Gift Ideas

Nowadays, most couples have a registry listing exactly what they want and need to help celebrate the joining of their two lives. However, sometimes registries are not completed, have very minimal items, or you’ve waited to the last minute and all the good gifts are gone. Have no fear; some of the best wedding gifts many married couples have received came from someone who didn’t rely on the registry for an idea. Just because it isn’t on the registry doesn’t mean it won’t be happily received. Below are a few creative ideas for some great wedding gift ideas.

Not From the Store

Some things can’t be bought at the store, therefore they can’t be put on a registry. Similarly, there are a few things a couple would never ask for directly but will always appreciate.

1. Money. While many people hate giving money because they consider it thoughtless or cheap, money is actually what most new couples need. Think about it, they just paid for a wedding, they are probably buying a house if they haven’t done so already, all of these things cost big bucks. By giving them cash instead of another material object they may never use, you are giving them the best gift imaginable, some stress relief.

2. A Night Out. Typically, planning a wedding is pretty distracting. For the past few months, odds are good that most of the couple’s outings revolved around wedding plans, whether they were scouting out a venue or tasting a variety of caterers. Now that the hectic planning is over, give the couple a change to reconnect by sending them on their first date as a married couple. If you know their favorite restaurant in the Santa Fe area, go there or search online for a gift card. Similar to money, it gives them a break from stress and prevents them from using a gift to do something less fun, like paying bills.

3. Honeymoon Accessories. For many couples, the best part of the wedding is the honeymoon after party. Who wouldn’t love a week or two of complete fun and relaxation to really celebrate a new marriage? You can add to their fun by purchasing part of their honeymoon for them, whether it be a meal, a night or two of their hotel stay, or a fun excursion like swimming with dolphins. Check out a honeymoon registry for more ideas of what you can get the happy couple that they will enjoy while out of town.

Home Goods

OK, typically most of the best wedding gifts that fall into this category are found on the registry, but some couples may not know what they really need until they didn’t receive it. A safe bet when purchasing home goods as a wedding gift is to cover at least one of the three most used rooms: the kitchen, the bathroom, and the bedroom.

1. Kitchen. Some women never step foot in the kitchen before they are married, so they have basically no clue as to what is the most useful cookware. For a new chef, a ceramic skillet is one of the best gifts you can give. It is durable and can be used for most foods, whether they are searing meat or sauteing vegetables.

2. Bathroom. If you know the couples’ bathroom colors, get a bunch of complimentary towels. If you don’t know their colors, find someone who does and get the information out of them. No one ever has enough towels, ever. If the couple hasn’t been living together before the wedding, they will be now and will quickly realize they have half the towels that one would consider adequate. When you factor in the amount of new in-laws and far away friends they now have, the ratio of towels they have to towels the need is even further off.

3. Bedroom. Similarly to towels, you can never have enough sheets, especially if you are adding a guest room to your abode now that you’re married. Some people never change the sheets when they live alone, so one pair of sheets is more than sufficient. However, when someone else enters that bed on a nightly basis, they may prefer a more habitually clean night sleep. With a marriage comes a new lifestyle, and changing the sheets more often is usually part of it.


Most electronic stores don’t offer a registry, so many couples never think to add any hi-tech devices to their wish list. However, an upgrade in the electronics department can be just as necessary as an upgrade in the home goods department for newly married couples.

1. Camera/Video Camera. There were about a million and one photos taken at the wedding, so the couple will never forget how their life together started, but if they don’t have a nice digital camera or camcorder, they may not be able to capture the next adventures in their new lives. With a new camera, the couple will be able to capture memories of their honeymoon, their first move, the first pet, and many other new and exciting things. You can help be a part of those memories by being the person who allowed them to be captured.



2. Movies and Players. A perfect stay-at-home date night usually starts with a nice home-cooked meal and ends up in front of a TV, cuddled together under a blanket, watching a sweet romantic movie. If the couple doesn’t have a wide collection of movies, or perhaps a way to watch the collection they do have, give them a collection of some of your favorites that you think they will enjoy. It’s a simple gift, but it will provide them with hours of enjoyment and time together.



Our guest blogger is Savannah Marie


Journey to Wed: Five US Hotspots for Destination Weddings


Most little girls grow up dreaming about how to make their wedding the most perfect event in their life. Once upon a time, that may have meant wearing their mother’s old wedding dress and walking down the aisle at their local church. Much has changed, and many women want something completely different for their wedding day. Fortunately, there are many interesting and unique places that you can choose from to start your new life with your sweetie. Below are five US Hotspots for Destination Weddings.

1. Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Come enjoy your wedding in this quaint Victorian village located in the gorgeous Ozark Mountains. Known as Little Switzerland, this unique little town is considered one of America’s most distinct destinations. Many wedding chapels are located here, and you can get more information at

2. Sedona, Arizona

Sedona is believed by many to be a place of great healing energy. People travel from all over the world to pray, meditate and absorb the healing energy that is attributed to the area. Even if that doesn’t appeal to you, the fabulous red sandstone formations found there will be a beautiful backdrop for your wedding. If you have your wedding during the rising or setting of the sun, you will see that the formations glow in brilliant oranges and reds. You can plan any kind of wedding you want in Sedona, and this includes a traditional Native American wedding. Check out a site such as for more information.

3. Big Island, Hawaii

If you want gorgeous blue water, sun and sand, you couldn’t pick a better spot to get married than Big Island. Many places offer outdoor beach weddings overlooking the ocean. People have even gotten married while standing in the ocean. Whatever your wishes, they can be accommodated. Visit a site such as for more information.

4. Las Vegas, Nevada

Running off to get married in Vegas is nothing new, but there are truly so many ways to make your wedding special in Vegas. Probably best known for theme weddings, you might choose to have an Elvis-themed wedding, Camelot-themed wedding or a Viva Las Vegas-themed wedding just to name a few. Of course, you can also get much more elegant weddings that cater to whatever your unique vision happens to be. Check out resources such as and Pacific Links International to learn more.

5. Boulder, Colorado


If you fancy a winter wedding in a snowy wonderland, plan your wedding in this lovely city located in the foothills of the impressive Rocky Mountains. The mountains will be a lovely backdrop for your wedding, and you can enjoy a nice ski trip too. Check out to learn more.

These are just a few ideas for some extraordinary spots to plan your wedding. It’s your special day, so get busy planning, and make the memories that will last you a lifetime.  And remember, once you decide on the venue – it is time to start working on those invitations. What better way to get your guests excited about a Destination Wedding (which is really a vacation for them as well) but to send them a gorgeous Musical Invitation that matches your venue’s theme.

Choosing the best date for your wedding

imagesIf you have recently decided to marry that special someone in your life, there are many important things to consider. You want the wedding to be very special and memorable, an event that will last a lifetime. Although choosing the appropriate place to have the wedding is very important, along with everything else that goes with planning for a wedding, one of the most important things to consider is choosing the best wedding date. Let’s take a look at a few considerations that every bride and groom should consider when choosing the best date for their wedding.

Time enough to plan

Do you realize how long each wedding item can take? Most bridal gowns can take up to 5 months to come and then you have the fittings and alterations. Custom wedding invitations can take up to 6 months to make. Don’t choose a date until you review a wedding timeline. You can find free timelines on all of the wedding sites and most of them suggest a minimum of one year for planning! So look that list of items to do over before choosing a date or schedule an appointment with a wedding planner first. peacock-purple

Choosing The Best Month

The month that you decide to get married in can be determined by considering a number of different factors. For instance, if you live in an area that is traditionally cold during the winter, you will probably want to choose a warmer months to get married. Spring is traditionally the best time to get married because the longer days, and warmer temperatures, will make it perfect, especially for an outdoor wedding. It’s also a good idea in case people have to travel long distances for this special event. If they get stuck in a snow storm, or their flights get delayed, it can ruin your wedding very easily.

Getting Your Favorite Reception Site

If you are having your wedding in a church, climate and weather will probably not be a problem. However, booking your preferred reception site might be a bit of a problem. Some popular reception sites are booked most of the year, requiring you to be flexible. Therefore, the date of your wedding might be dependent upon the availability of the reception site, especially if this is an important part of your wedding. And remember that if you choose an “off day” like a Friday evening or Sunday, you might be able to get the venue you want at a lower price.

Travel Plans Of Friends And Family

You also want to consider any travel plans that your family members, or close friends, might have throughout the year. Make sure to check with everyone that you want to invite to the wedding and make sure that most of them can arrive. The last thing you want to do is schedule your wedding during a time when these important people will not be around. By planning your wedding with other people in mind, it can ensure that loved ones and best friends will be able to attend.

Sentimental Reasons

Finally, you might want to consider planning your wedding on a date that has sentimental value. You might want to get married on your grandmother’s birthday in honor of her passing. Perhaps you would like to say your wedding vows on the same day that you originally met your spouse to be. If you have a particular date in mind that is very important, you will want to find out if it is possible to have a wedding on that date before planning anything else.

Planning a wedding is something that can be a fun filled time for both the bride and groom. By considering the time of year, availability of facilities, availability of friends and family, and choosing a day that will be meaningful for both of you, you can eventually choose the perfect day to be married to that special someone, hopefully, for the rest of your lives.

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Planning for Life After the Honeymoon: Six Tips for Making the Transition Easier

The honeymoon period of marriage after the honeymoon actually ends is not always all it’s cracked up to be for newlyweds. This is especially true for traditional newlyweds who are living together for the first time. There will be many little things that they will have to adjust to when they first start living together.

1. Sleeping Together
This is not about sex. This is about the act of sharing a bed with another person. For someone who is not used to it, it may be very awkward at first. It takes time to get used to sleeping next to a partner. Make sure to prepare yourself for an adjustment phase.

2. Two Sets of Possessions
Combining the things of two people into one house can be a difficult task. If you do not have enough room, then consider the advantages of renting a storage unit. Even if the unit is just a temporary storage place until you get settled, the storage unit can help you until you get your new home organized according to an expert from Extra Space Storage .

3. Combining Finances
The financial issues face by newlyweds can be complex. Money arguments are one of the most common types of arguments for all married couples. Make sure to communicate openly about your finances to avoid conflict as much as possible.

4. Sharing the Chores
When it comes to household chores, you may not always agree about who should do what. They key is to sit down and discuss it. Draw up a list of weekly chores to ensure that everything gets done without conflict.

5. Choose Your Battle Lines Carefully
The key to maintaining a happy marriage is to let the little things go. You want to avoid conflict whenever you can. If you are always harping on your spouse about little things, then you won’t be able to impress upon your spouse your seriousness when the big issues arise. Don’t make a stand on an issue unless it’s very important to you.

6. Compromise
An ability to compromise is at the heart of any successful marriage. You must be willing to reach an understanding on all the issues in your marriage. No matter how big or small the issue is, make sure to reach a common ground with your spouse. A favorite saying at Music Box Invites is that “love is the highest form of tolerance” (that was said by Richard Burton!).

If you follow these six tips, you will find the transition into married life goes much more smoothly. You will avoid the rocky start that many people seem to face when they first face the challenge of sharing their lives.

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