bridaljewelryAs the mother of the bride, next to her, her lucky groom, as well as their wedding party, you are likely to warrant a lot of attention. You should also keep in mind that you will be one of the stars in their wedding album and videos. Obviously, you want to be remembered by your future grandchildren for your outstanding sense of fashion but not your hip replacement. This is why you should play it safe by choosing wedding jewelry designs that flatter your bone structure according to the shape of beautiful bracelet, cascading earrings and necklaces that can help you be the mother of the bride that everyone else in that wedding aspires to have. Below are Wedding Jewelry Tips for The Mother of the Bride that you can make good use of:

1. Buy Modern accessories
Wearing modern jewelry does not mean that you abandon classics. The trick to merging other jewelry to modern generation is by choosing those pieces that have interesting and colorful features. You can use these jewelries to match with the color of your dress into the wedding color theme.

2. Avoid wearing cheap jewelries
You should not confuse quality handmade jewelry with those things that you can find at a low quality boutique in a mall. There are jewelries that are affordable yet classic. From example you can make good use of Michael Kors jewelry and Mi Moneda, who offer sophisticated jewelry for everyone. They also offer wedding rings as well as engagement rings.

3. Celebrate your youth
Jewelries can be a great way to shave off a few years from your bone structure. Just pay attention to the shape of your face when choosing earrings. Cascading earrings flatter your appearance especially if you have oval-shaped face while short dangles elongate a round or square face. Neat and delicate necklace picks up your feminine curves of collarbones while long pendants can distract from fleshier shoulders.

4. Match your jewelry to wedding color theme
You should put into consideration your photos and your crucial role in this lifetime event of your beloved daughter. This is why you should make sure hat your jewelries matches the wedding theme color. There are those necklaces that can be customized to your desired color.

5. Do not match the bridesmaids
Remember that you are the bride’s mother but not her maid. For this purpose, you should avoid choosing jewelry or outfits that matches the bridal party, or worse a color that clashes with it. Try to distinguish yourself from the maids by being unique with jewelries that do not resemble theirs in any way.

6. Keep colors low
Depending on the wedding theme, you will have a lot of choices to make when it comes to the dress that will complement your jewelry. The most important thing is to avoid too many prints and patterns all together. Weddings are mostly classified by simple and solid colors, and so to honor your daughter and make her proud of you, you should follow suit. Just pick a color that you know will look great on you and then team it up with your accessories.

7. Avoid white
You should not wear white at any cost. Be it off-white, pale rose blush, light tan, or any other color that can be confused with white at a distance. After all, this is your daughters wedding. Do not let anyone forget that.

Hopefully, the above tips will help you in finding and creating a fabulous wedding jewelry that expresses you inner feeling and beauty while allowing you feel comfortable and confident in your daughters’ most important day in her life.

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