Frequently Asked Questions

What is your lead time?

We require at least 4 to 8 weeks lead time because each invitation box is hand-made and customized. Leads times are shorter if you use standard song and box sizes.

Can I get a sample?

We can send paper and ribbon samples for free (in the US) if you provide the colors you want. For a mockup of YOUR invitation box we charge $100 or we can send you a box we have done for others for a $25 fee (refundable when the sample is returned).

Why can’t I use the original artist recording of my song?

Music licensing covers the licensed use of copyrighted music for public performance rights. A license must be obtained from the songwriter or publisher each time a recording of the composition is played as part of a broadcast or on any website, even on a blog site, Youtube clip, etc.

The owner of a copyrighted work has the exclusive right to reproduce, distribute, publicly perform, display and adapt the copyrighted work. This includes the right to authorize or refuse to authorize others to exercise those rights.

This means that for most music, a license must be obtained and license fees must be paid. For different uses, different kinds of licenses will be necessary. For Music Box Invites, we are required to buy what is called a “mechanical,” giving us permission to rerecord the words/music by another artist. There are huge fines if one uses another person’s copyrighted work without permission.

Do you do musical boxes for events other than weddings?

Yes! We produce custom invitation boxes for graduations, baby showers, anniversaries, birthdays –any event requiring an invitation! 

How much does an invite cost to mail?

In the U.S., usually $3.58 when packed in a shipper box.

Do you ship internationally?

Due to the nature of the music chip and foreign customs and VAT fees, we do not ship out of the United States.

What if no music plays?

The chip may not play if the box isn’t opened in good normal home/office/outdoor lighting.  We include cute stickers to that effect, for you to place on the outer shipping package. Also, the light sensor needs to be unobstructed. When you put an invitation into the box, make sure the light sensor is not behind the invite before you close the lid.

What if a chip fails?

The chips run on a small button battery.  Normally if a chip isn’t playing it’s because the battery has come loose and needs to be reinserted. We always ship a few extra chips in every order so that they can be swapped out if there’s any problem.