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How to Throw a Party Like a #Celebrity

The Great Gatsby Party

The Great Gatsby

With these tips, even a do-it-yourselfer can throw a celebrity-styled party!


Celebrities don’t just invite a few people, they invite everyone! Follow the rules of bars and nightclubs by arranging the furniture so that your guests have to walk sideways past each other, especially near the exit and entry points. People will be more likely to strike up conversations with each other, stay longer, and drink more when they are in close proximity.


Photo by Julie Newman.

Photo by Julie Newman.

Centerpieces serve a few purposes. First, big and bold flower displays or the like add grandeur. Second, they can serve as conversation starters. Third, introverted guests will be more likely to sit at a table together when they realize they are not forced to make direct eye contact with the person across from them; once that comfort level is reached, they will settle right in.


Your party will not be flat when there are sophisticated, fizzy drinks involved! The reasons for serving alcohol at parties speak for themselves, but keep it classy with a sparkling beverage and hide the other liquor bottles.


Make Your Invitation Over the Top

Black and Silver Brocade Musical Invitation

Black and Silver Brocade Musical Invitation

  1. Make the invites shimmer and shine – by using shimmer/glitter papers from a craft store you can do three layer invites. A standard invite is 5×7 (A7). The back layer should be the heaviest stock (usually the glitter stock) and should be cut to 5×7, the middle layer is 4.5 x 6.5 and the face is 4 x 6. You can wrap a ribbon around the face layer and add a lovely buckle (or fake engagement ring) or charm before you glue it to the middle page, and then glue those layers to the back page. Here is a tutorial that would help.
  2. Consider putting the invite inside a glitter envelope. Of course, the glitter envelope can’t go via the mail so you will probably have to slip it inside a larger envelope – maybe a clear vellum would work best so you can still see the glitter inside.
  3. Make the invites musical – you can get sound chips from various places and add them to the bottom of a box that fits the invitation. Or you can have them made – either way, only a celebrity would send an invite that when opened serenaded the guests. To get even more over the top, record your own song to fit the occasion!
  4. Put each invitation in its own “keepsake” box. You can make the boxes special by gluing pearls (remember make macaroni boxes when a kid, same concept), crystals or flowers to the box. Then nestle the invitation inside the slightly larger box with feathers as your “filler”. This can be very “Gatsby” inspired. Or find boxes at antique stores (old candy or cigar boxes for example) and use them to fit your theme. Again, you will need to ship these in an outer box to your guests.


wed4Anyone would love a wedding in a unique place, and more so when that place happens to be within Australia. Australia is an ocean country. It is situated at the middle of Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean. This beautiful country exists on a large square land ant the nation takes position six in size when compared with other countries. The capital city of Australia is Canberra, with the Sydney city as the most popular tourist destination in the country. It is an Island country, and no land that borders it these factors makes this country a very suitable destination for lovebirds from all over the world to hold their weddings in


Australia has got very many and unique wedding destinations that attracts many people from foreign countries. The destinations include;

• Villa Botanica: It is a wedding venue famous known in Australia. Located near the Coral Sea almost at the edge of wonderful Whitsunday.

• Botanica Bali: It is a wedding venue that earns Australia lots of money. People are attracted by the unbelievable services provided here.

• Miskawaan Luxury Beachfront Villas: Offers an amazing retreat for couples and their guests.

• Paperback Camp: A combination of luxurious accommodation and delicious food is found here. Generally, one receives warm hospitality inn this destination. All the peace you need, you get it from this beautiful camp.

• Blanket Bay: Suitable for weddings and honeymoon. The comfortable lodge found here is an attractive site for many.

• Kawarra Beach Resort and SPA: It is naturally romantic resort for weddings. Once here, you fill in heaven.

• Peppers salt Resort and SPA: The only wedding destination where one can enjoy 20% accommodation cost for the quest.

• Mantra South Bank: It is a ten minute walk from the Central Business District. The venue is located near cultural and art performing places. You can really enjoy the culture of this country around here.

• Breakfree Aanuka Beach Resort: Want to keep memories of your wedding? Come to this destination. With the moon twinkling over your sweet marriage vows over the night. Suitable for night weddings.

• Mantra Legends Hotel: Provides a wide range of wedding facilities. You don’t have to worry about anything while arranging to have your wedding here.

• Pepper Guest House Pokolbinb: It is a beautiful wedding grounds admired by many couples.

• Pepper Manor House Sutton Forest: It is located at the middle of green hills. The environment here poses a romantic nature, making it ideal for weddings.

• Peppers Arlie Beach Whitsundays: Very warm reception here that ensures long life experience to all who visit the place.

In Australia you find unique wedding destinations for those who want to marry away from home. All you need to have your wedding here is an Australian Visa. A wedding held in unique destinations like the ones in Australia adds a little inspiration in your marriage life. It is a dream of many to have a wedding in a unique destination. A place away from home is preferred by many. One can have peaceful and silent moments to spend with a lifetime partner without disturbance.

Planning your Sweet 18 Birthday Party

18 is such an important age (mostly for females) in the Philippines. Most of their childhood dreams of wanting to hit puberty and become an adult culminate by turning 18. It’s their “debut” and you can’t have a debut without a debut planner, right? Not exactly. It’s still is a good idea to have a debut party planned but for people on a budget, planning on your own could be an option. Here are some planning options to help you get started.

Of course, anyone’s 18th birthday is important – every birthday is! But this day reflects you’re coming of age as well as a welcome to the adult world. Reflect hard on what defines you as a person and let that show on how you choose to spend your birthday. It could be as simple as a family gathering with a few of your closest friends having dinner and drinks. It could be as elaborate as a cotillion with a theme built around things you are passionate about like art, the sciences—anything goes!

Jade Green Gold and Purple Peacock Musical Wedding or Party Invitation and RSVP Card. Comes in Musical Box that Sings! Singing Music boxed invite in jade. Totally custom, high end/class, couture, elegant invite.

Jade Green Gold and Purple Peacock Musical Wedding or Party Invitation and RSVP Card. Comes in Musical Box that Sings! Singing Music boxed invite in jade. Totally custom, high end/class, couture, elegant invite.

Plan ahead and Budget Well

This is especially true for elaborate debuts as well as birthdays that will be spent out of town. Planning means that you have to canvass for event places, food cost, and amenities (favors, invites, chairs, tables, and man power to name a few). You have to check the budget constantly if it could fit your desired number of guests. Always keep in mind that a more ambitiously themed party will either cost more money or will require you to be more resourceful with the budget you already have. It is a good idea to start planning at least 6-9 months in advance so you can space out all the details. First thing, find a venue that can accommodate your date and your budget, then plan to do one item per week on your to do list. Remember if you want custom invitations, they can take up to 5 months to come in (according to what you want) so after you have chosen your venue and the date; order the invitations next. You might want to consider the latest trend in invites: MUSICAL invitations.


It’s a party—it’s YOUR 18th birthday party. On this day, everyone is looking at you. If you planned properly, you should be all set.  Don’t stress yourself out too much that you can’t have a good time anymore, especially come the day of the event. Some things will mess up. Not everything will fall into place and that’s ok. Don’t let it get you down and instead have fun with what’s working alright. It is, after all, a celebration of your life, so at the very least, bring that life to the party.

These are very basic points to take not of to help you maximize your time and money but don’t let this restrict you to what you think is best for you. Spoil yourself every once in a while. It is your debut after all.

Our Guest Poster is from the Phillippines
Pierre Angela Cruz, is a Marketing Consultant for Ailen Lim Evernts Planner. The leading debut party planner in the Philippines. She can be reached at


4 To-Dos Before You Say “I Do!” #IDo

As the owner of Music Box Invites, I have been working with brides for a little over a year now and I believe a lot of them don’t realize just how long it takes to plan a wedding. One of the main problems is that there are just TOO many options, too much information and brides today are used to living in a world of instant response (text, emails, skype) but the wedding industry is based on custom made goods and that takes longer.

To avoid the inevitable stress, here are some must-have tips every engaged person needs to keep in his or her repertoire – before they even plan the wedding date! So before you say I DO, Do ….

1.   Collect

Before choosing a date or venue, start collecting things you love about other weddings, gowns, tuxedos, venues, etc. You can keep a folder for each wedding item (flowers, invites, gowns, etc) and put the pictures, notes, torn out magazine pages in each folder. Another great place to collect the things you love is on Pinterest. I believe every bride needs a Pinterest board for her wedding. In fact, I suggest one board for each “folder”.  Then you can share that board with prospective vendors (the invitation board goes to invitation designer, flower board to florists, etc).

2.   Involve

Go over your collection of loved items with your spouse to be and get his or her input. I know most men are not that interested but involving them is a great way to get your marriage off to a good start. You guys are a team. At the very least, if he hates something you can take it out of the “folder”.

3.   Plan

After about a month of “collecting”, go back over the folder and narrow it down – decide your theme and colors, what time of the year you want to be married and what type of venue appeals the most to you. Get advice from your “guests to be” before looking at the venues and choosing a date.

Custom Invites can take up to 6 months!

Custom Invites can take up to 6 months!

4.   Schedule

Understand how long things take — gowns can take 6 months to come in, venues and best photographers are sometimes booked a year in advance, custom invitations can take 3 to 6 months. A bride must give herself time to get things done. I suggest assigning only one to two tasks a week to accomplish in order of the items that take the longest. Creating a timeline on excel can help*. Use your “dream” wedding date and then back up each week to see when you would need to start to get everything done without over-stressing yourself.


If you can afford it, seek out a wedding planner before making any decisions (but after your collection of folders). And meet with at least three before making a decision on which one to go with. Get references, read their reviews and see other work they have done.

*Joann Marks has an excel spreadsheet with tabs that will help any bride with their timeline, budget, guest list, etc – available free for the asking.

Best #Wedding Jewelry Tips for the Mother of the Bride

bridaljewelryAs the mother of the bride, next to her, her lucky groom, as well as their wedding party, you are likely to warrant a lot of attention. You should also keep in mind that you will be one of the stars in their wedding album and videos. Obviously, you want to be remembered by your future grandchildren for your outstanding sense of fashion but not your hip replacement. This is why you should play it safe by choosing wedding jewelry designs that flatter your bone structure according to the shape of beautiful bracelet, cascading earrings and necklaces that can help you be the mother of the bride that everyone else in that wedding aspires to have. Below are Wedding Jewelry Tips for The Mother of the Bride that you can make good use of:

1. Buy Modern accessories
Wearing modern jewelry does not mean that you abandon classics. The trick to merging other jewelry to modern generation is by choosing those pieces that have interesting and colorful features. You can use these jewelries to match with the color of your dress into the wedding color theme.

2. Avoid wearing cheap jewelries
You should not confuse quality handmade jewelry with those things that you can find at a low quality boutique in a mall. There are jewelries that are affordable yet classic. From example you can make good use of Michael Kors jewelry and Mi Moneda, who offer sophisticated jewelry for everyone. They also offer wedding rings as well as engagement rings.

3. Celebrate your youth
Jewelries can be a great way to shave off a few years from your bone structure. Just pay attention to the shape of your face when choosing earrings. Cascading earrings flatter your appearance especially if you have oval-shaped face while short dangles elongate a round or square face. Neat and delicate necklace picks up your feminine curves of collarbones while long pendants can distract from fleshier shoulders.

4. Match your jewelry to wedding color theme
You should put into consideration your photos and your crucial role in this lifetime event of your beloved daughter. This is why you should make sure hat your jewelries matches the wedding theme color. There are those necklaces that can be customized to your desired color.

5. Do not match the bridesmaids
Remember that you are the bride’s mother but not her maid. For this purpose, you should avoid choosing jewelry or outfits that matches the bridal party, or worse a color that clashes with it. Try to distinguish yourself from the maids by being unique with jewelries that do not resemble theirs in any way.

6. Keep colors low
Depending on the wedding theme, you will have a lot of choices to make when it comes to the dress that will complement your jewelry. The most important thing is to avoid too many prints and patterns all together. Weddings are mostly classified by simple and solid colors, and so to honor your daughter and make her proud of you, you should follow suit. Just pick a color that you know will look great on you and then team it up with your accessories.

7. Avoid white
You should not wear white at any cost. Be it off-white, pale rose blush, light tan, or any other color that can be confused with white at a distance. After all, this is your daughters wedding. Do not let anyone forget that.

Hopefully, the above tips will help you in finding and creating a fabulous wedding jewelry that expresses you inner feeling and beauty while allowing you feel comfortable and confident in your daughters’ most important day in her life.

Guest Author Bio: Biljana is a a fashion and jewelry writer, searching and publishing the best advice online on behalf of many online jewelry stores such as the Fields jewelers in Ireland. She can be reached at

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