Castles and Beehive Homes, Oh My! #Honeymoon Destinations in Turkey

People ask, “What’s the use of traveling if it’s not in the company of someone I love?” To that we say combine your dream of an exotic adventure with your honeymoon! Turkey is truly a hidden treasure and you can make a romantic honeymoon out of any of these Turkish destinations. To completely enjoy your own romantic vacation, inquire your own journey practitioner concerning the recommended hot air balloon trip in Cappadocia. Practical knowledge a fantastic mixture of the ancient culture with modern day lifetime in Istanbul. Keep the Turquoise Riviera on the Turkish coastline in which you will encounter love as well as leisure in your high end vacation from the violet oceans in which the Aegean as well as Mediterranean Ocean meet. These types of stylish leisure activities display the key factor of Turkey among the ideal vacation destinations on the globe. Here are the 6 best places for honeymoon in Turkey.


turkeyIstanbul is very quickly becoming one of the more popular Turkish vacation destinations for travellers across the globe. Its vibrant, ethnical culture is traveller-friendly with many Internet sites, coffee shops, bookstores, sights, and much more. Istanbul is one of those vacation getaways seen in photos that are known for their lovely glimmering lights, downtown areas, and pulsing nightlife.


Antalya is a budding metropolis along the Mediterranean coastline. It’s no surprise why Antalya is among the most popular vacation spot for honeymooners as it buzzes with culture, nightlife, grand hotels, and unique dining establishments to captivate the adventurous heart. For people who wish to get the true Turkish experience, Antalya captures the idea of the country.


Cappadocia is a city built with the vacationer in mind. Couples can fulfil their dream of getting married in a hot air balloon, in the Cappadocia panorama, or in a historical chapel. In Cappadocia, you will probably discover the most amazing places to stay for your honeymoon.


Mardin may be the perfect historical honeymoon destination for you in Europe. Mardin retains most of its historical features and gives the illusion that time stopped with its architectural mastery, historical, archaeological, ethnographic, artistically and visual values. Mardin provides easy access to famed Turkish cotton, the highway, inns, and travelling caravans.


Sanliurfa, prophet Abraham’s birthplace, can be a great spot for your honeymoon. You can travel to closeby Harran and find the incredible beehive shaped homes. Harran is said to be where Prophet Abraham stayed with his wife and children on route to Israel. You can also look at the holy sites in Sanliurfa, or eat from the lakes that hold a variety of seafood.


Artvin is another smart vacation spot classic with its architectural mastery, historical churches, and castles. But that’s not all; Artvin also has rich fauna and virgin woods on mountains that soar up to 3,900 meters high! To get started with your Turkish honeymoon you can’t forget your Visa! Get started online at Turkey Visa. Guest author Zara is a student of Medicine in Scotland. She combines her passion for travelling and writing and is working with Turkey Visa, the best Visa agency for beginning your adventure in Turkey.

#Honeymoon Heaven: Surprisingly Romantic Honeymoon Destinations

The honeymoon represents a time of celebration in the lives of newlywed couples. Choosing the perfect destination should be the top priority when planning a romantic honeymoon. Your choice should reflect your personal interests as well as a symbol of your love for your new spouse. Consider these romantic honeymoon destinations; they might surprise you both!

Tennis in Australia

Tennis interests many people the world over. If your spouse likes to be active, you could go to Australia for your honeymoon. Melbourne offers visitors plenty of Australian charm and other activities like surfing, volleyball and hiking. When you’re not playing a rousing game of tennis, you can explore the city’s many restaurants, bars, theaters, museums, and other activities. The friendly locals will help you to celebrate your new marriage in a way only Australia would be able to. Perhaps if you’re less of an active couple, and more for relaxation consider booking a tennis vacation to the Australian Open 2014. That way you’ll be able to be a part of the action without leaving your seats.

columbiaMedellin, Colombia

During the days of Pablo Escobar, Medellin was considered the most dangerous city on the planet. Times have definitely changed, yet the crimes of the past still deter many people from enjoying this amazing destination, but Medellin today is as safe as any other city in Latin America. The unbeatable climate of Medellin attracts many visitors. The city is nicknamed “The City of Eternal Spring” for its incomparable weather and beauty. The flowers all over the city give it a charm that other cities just don’t have.

Prague, Czech Republicczech

Prague intrigues people all over the world with its history and mystique. The architecture alone in Prague is worth seeing with your new spouse. A walk along the Vltava River provides one of the most romantic scenes in the entire world. You can see the Prague Castle in the background in all of its magnificent glory. Explore the city’s many stores and restaurants. It’s an Eastern European tour filled with magic.

JordanAmman, Jordan

Most people don’t think of the Middle East when they think of romance, but that’s what makes it a surprise. If you go to the top of the Citadel, you will take in all of the city’s sights and sounds in a unique way. Don’t let the differences in culture deter you from seeing an amazing city and enjoying romantic evenings with your loved one.

Your honeymoon should be perfect, and one of these locations may be just what you need. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. You might discover an amazing opportunity for your honeymoon adventures. It will be a great adventure to start your married life with.

Journey to Wed: Five US Hotspots for Destination Weddings


Most little girls grow up dreaming about how to make their wedding the most perfect event in their life. Once upon a time, that may have meant wearing their mother’s old wedding dress and walking down the aisle at their local church. Much has changed, and many women want something completely different for their wedding day. Fortunately, there are many interesting and unique places that you can choose from to start your new life with your sweetie. Below are five US Hotspots for Destination Weddings.

1. Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Come enjoy your wedding in this quaint Victorian village located in the gorgeous Ozark Mountains. Known as Little Switzerland, this unique little town is considered one of America’s most distinct destinations. Many wedding chapels are located here, and you can get more information at

2. Sedona, Arizona

Sedona is believed by many to be a place of great healing energy. People travel from all over the world to pray, meditate and absorb the healing energy that is attributed to the area. Even if that doesn’t appeal to you, the fabulous red sandstone formations found there will be a beautiful backdrop for your wedding. If you have your wedding during the rising or setting of the sun, you will see that the formations glow in brilliant oranges and reds. You can plan any kind of wedding you want in Sedona, and this includes a traditional Native American wedding. Check out a site such as for more information.

3. Big Island, Hawaii

If you want gorgeous blue water, sun and sand, you couldn’t pick a better spot to get married than Big Island. Many places offer outdoor beach weddings overlooking the ocean. People have even gotten married while standing in the ocean. Whatever your wishes, they can be accommodated. Visit a site such as for more information.

4. Las Vegas, Nevada

Running off to get married in Vegas is nothing new, but there are truly so many ways to make your wedding special in Vegas. Probably best known for theme weddings, you might choose to have an Elvis-themed wedding, Camelot-themed wedding or a Viva Las Vegas-themed wedding just to name a few. Of course, you can also get much more elegant weddings that cater to whatever your unique vision happens to be. Check out resources such as and Pacific Links International to learn more.

5. Boulder, Colorado


If you fancy a winter wedding in a snowy wonderland, plan your wedding in this lovely city located in the foothills of the impressive Rocky Mountains. The mountains will be a lovely backdrop for your wedding, and you can enjoy a nice ski trip too. Check out to learn more.

These are just a few ideas for some extraordinary spots to plan your wedding. It’s your special day, so get busy planning, and make the memories that will last you a lifetime.  And remember, once you decide on the venue – it is time to start working on those invitations. What better way to get your guests excited about a Destination Wedding (which is really a vacation for them as well) but to send them a gorgeous Musical Invitation that matches your venue’s theme.

Honeymoon in Style: Planning Your Happily Ever After

Honeymoon in Style Planning Your Happily Ever AfterTrying to decide on the right honeymoon destination can be a little overwhelming. There are just so many beautiful spots on Earth from which to choose. You can go to a tropical getaway, a cozy mountain cabin, a picturesque city, or a jungle adventure. These are just a few of the hundreds of types of honeymoon destinations that are waiting for you. If you are having trouble selecting a honeymoon spot, follow this guide to some of the best honeymoon destinations in the world.


This has always been one of the most desirable honeymoon destinations. In fact, John and Jackie Kennedy spent their honeymoon in Acapulco. The weather is almost always perfect, and the sun, sand and fun are all around. This is also a great destination for couples on a budget. Acapulco is very affordable, but it also has luxury resorts for those who want to honeymoon in style.

Las Vegas

Although Las Vegas is known more for weddings, it is also an ideal honeymoon spot. There is no shortage of luxurious properties to stay in on the Strip. Make sure to let the hotel you stay at know you are on a honeymoon. Most will be happy to upgrade honeymooning couples to luxury suites for free. There is no place on Earth that offers honeymooning couples more entertainment options. Of course, gambling is also a real draw, and honeymooning couples may just have a little more luck than other visitors to Sin City.

Walt Disney World

There is no better place for Prince Charming to take his bride on a fairytale honeymoon than Walt Disney World. The weather is almost always perfect in Orlando, which makes it a great honeymoon destination any time of year. There is lots of fun to have in Walt Disney World, and honeymooning couples can also visit Universal Studios if they need more excitement.


For adventurous couples, honeymoon tours to Patagonia will be right up their alley. This is one of the most beautiful and exotic locations on Earth, with glaciers, sky scraping mountains, and sea life everywhere. A honeymoon in Patagonia will create amazing memories that couples can cherish for a lifetime. There are lots of adventurous tours to enjoy that explore this wild and wonderful location, but there are also luxury resorts and cruises that allow couples to enjoy it in comfort.


Italy is one of the most romantic countries in the world. There are so many fantastic cities in Italy where couples can enjoy a romantic honeymoon. They can take enchanting gondola rides in Venice, see the beautiful artwork in Florence, and soak up the history and culture in Rome. The amazing food and ever-flowing wine also make Italy one of the ideal honeymoon destinations.

Bora Bora

Those looking for a tropical honeymoon will love a trip to Bora Bora. This welcoming island nation has honeymoon bungalows on stilts built over some of the most beautiful lagoons imaginable. The perfect weather, crystal-clear water, and spectacular sunsets all combine to create one of the most idyllic locales imaginable.

These are some of the top honeymoon destinations on the planet, but there are also many more that couples can select from. The key to finding the perfect honeymoon is to work together as a couple to come up with a spot that offers something for both of you. When you find the right honeymoon spot, it will be somewhere that you both are excited about.

Volunteer Honeymoons- A Great Way To Start You Married Life

Do you want to do something to help others after your wedding day? Try extending your hand to others during your honeymoon. How? Volunteer. At Music Box Invites, we believe in volunteering and encourage all of our associates to volunteer in their community. But we had never heard of doing it on a Honeymoon before.

How does walking with Lions in Zimbabwe sound? Or traveling to the “Venice of the East,” India’s most romantic city, and spending your honeymoon helping to educate those without access to formal education. Or maybe spend your exploring the wilds getting behind the scenes of a typical safari in Kenya’s Masai Mara, South Africa . Or join communities on the beaches of Zanzibar or the mountains of Swaziland. All this is possible and easy to plan according to Kaya Honeymoon Volunteers or Handsup Holidays who call it “Honeyterring”

fullfe8f179165407b32b63ddd1f7036c591d2571a5cThere are quite a number of advantages of volunteering. One of them is the devotion and support you give to people who are in need. You do not have to volunteer selflessly but you can imagine how colorful it will be when you visit people from all walks of life in different countries. Volunteering  will feed both your mind and soul. Additionally, you will enjoy things you might miss if you were staying in a beach resort. Flying to a resort may not give you the chance to enjoy what that place has to offer. When you volunteer, you will get the opportunity to experience the culture of the place. Volunteer destinations may not be very attractive at  first glance but you will soon fall in love. Knowing the struggles of other people and sharing with them is a very satisfying experience.  It could be a great way to begin your marriage – working together for a cause you both believe in and a way to see the world a bit.

Many of the newlyweds that have tried this program say that it can be satisfying doing something for others. The people you help may not be needy, they may be children from Thailand wanting English lessons, or environmentalist from Australia trying to save sea life. The choice of the cause is all yours, but this is a perfect present before you start your new marriage life.full08c437603e8b8391d6c0479d072e6835865b173d

Before you choose a destination, it is important to select a particular volunteer cause. Programs are many and in different countries for a wide choice by honeymooners so check out different websites that can direct you to volunteer organisations in the world. Whatever you decide to do, it will enrich your life and your marriage!

This blog was assisted with information provided by Maya Johnson, a blog writer at Virgin Australia  


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