Wedding Day: 5 Must-Dos When Planning A Wedding Reception Party

A wedding reception is normally the largest and most expensive party you and your significant other will have to plan. It is the most exciting and enjoyable part of the wedding. The event should be a very happy occasion for the married couple and their guests, so it is crucial that everyone has a wonderful and memorable time. Different variables have to be attended to, such as a date, timings, location, catering, photography and entertainment.

1. Date and Time

Getting married and holding the reception on the weekend or a holiday would be a great idea. This would be more suitable for all the guests to attend. Try to avoid late-night functions. Instead, let the ceremony take place in the morning, afternoon or early evening. Keeping a time line for each ritual and event in the wedding is important. That will help to avoid unnecessary confusion.

2. Reception Location

Picking the right location is a major factor in the overall success of the big day. For those residents in the “Beehive State”, if you plan to have your reception in one of the Utah restaurants, make sure it is warm and impresses as you enter. Restaurants with outdoor patios or verandas with views are always pleasing. Once you have chosen your venue, date and time – start looking at invitations because the nicest ones can take 3-6 months to come in. Consider something really over the top like Musical Wedding Invites to really WOW your guests.

3. Catering

Finalizing the menu for the important occasion and hiring an expert caterer would be beneficial. Many Utah catering companies are dependable and do a wonderful job. A top-notch caterer can be costly, but their food and service is usually great. In addition, all the extra amenities are included in their prices.

4. Top Shelf Photographer

Selecting an experienced photographer with a high rating is very important. You want someone who is professionally dressed, with an efficient and relaxed manner. If possible, make sure the photographer is hired until the reception ends. This may guarantee the special moments, whenever they occur, will not be missed.

5. Entertainment

Try to hire a DJ who knows how to beat mix a two or three song set. Most songs played at receptions are three to four minutes long. Most couples have enough energy to dance ten to twelve minutes. Once the three to four minute song is over, everybody is ready to leave the floor. A DJ who is skilled at beat mixing songs is more likely to keep everybody on the dance floor and keep the energy of a reception going.

Planning a wedding reception way ahead of time is very important for making that special day smooth and happy. Most couples will get reception advice a variety of ways. The tips included above may help them plan their special event so that everyone enjoys it.

Honeymoon in Style: Planning Your Happily Ever After

Honeymoon in Style Planning Your Happily Ever AfterTrying to decide on the right honeymoon destination can be a little overwhelming. There are just so many beautiful spots on Earth from which to choose. You can go to a tropical getaway, a cozy mountain cabin, a picturesque city, or a jungle adventure. These are just a few of the hundreds of types of honeymoon destinations that are waiting for you. If you are having trouble selecting a honeymoon spot, follow this guide to some of the best honeymoon destinations in the world.


This has always been one of the most desirable honeymoon destinations. In fact, John and Jackie Kennedy spent their honeymoon in Acapulco. The weather is almost always perfect, and the sun, sand and fun are all around. This is also a great destination for couples on a budget. Acapulco is very affordable, but it also has luxury resorts for those who want to honeymoon in style.

Las Vegas

Although Las Vegas is known more for weddings, it is also an ideal honeymoon spot. There is no shortage of luxurious properties to stay in on the Strip. Make sure to let the hotel you stay at know you are on a honeymoon. Most will be happy to upgrade honeymooning couples to luxury suites for free. There is no place on Earth that offers honeymooning couples more entertainment options. Of course, gambling is also a real draw, and honeymooning couples may just have a little more luck than other visitors to Sin City.

Walt Disney World

There is no better place for Prince Charming to take his bride on a fairytale honeymoon than Walt Disney World. The weather is almost always perfect in Orlando, which makes it a great honeymoon destination any time of year. There is lots of fun to have in Walt Disney World, and honeymooning couples can also visit Universal Studios if they need more excitement.


For adventurous couples, honeymoon tours to Patagonia will be right up their alley. This is one of the most beautiful and exotic locations on Earth, with glaciers, sky scraping mountains, and sea life everywhere. A honeymoon in Patagonia will create amazing memories that couples can cherish for a lifetime. There are lots of adventurous tours to enjoy that explore this wild and wonderful location, but there are also luxury resorts and cruises that allow couples to enjoy it in comfort.


Italy is one of the most romantic countries in the world. There are so many fantastic cities in Italy where couples can enjoy a romantic honeymoon. They can take enchanting gondola rides in Venice, see the beautiful artwork in Florence, and soak up the history and culture in Rome. The amazing food and ever-flowing wine also make Italy one of the ideal honeymoon destinations.

Bora Bora

Those looking for a tropical honeymoon will love a trip to Bora Bora. This welcoming island nation has honeymoon bungalows on stilts built over some of the most beautiful lagoons imaginable. The perfect weather, crystal-clear water, and spectacular sunsets all combine to create one of the most idyllic locales imaginable.

These are some of the top honeymoon destinations on the planet, but there are also many more that couples can select from. The key to finding the perfect honeymoon is to work together as a couple to come up with a spot that offers something for both of you. When you find the right honeymoon spot, it will be somewhere that you both are excited about.

DIY Wedding: Five Ways To Incorporate Fun Material Into Your Wedding

Once the wedding proposal has been made and accepted the fun begins. Your wedding day will be a labor of love that is sure to incorporate childhood dreams and a grown-up wish list. And here are some ideas for a DIY wedding!

If you are a bride who leans to the wild side, consider a non-traditional aisle runner for your wedding ceremony. What’s wrong with using a fun leopard print fabric to glide up the aisle on? Leopard print can be purchased in a variety of shades and you can buy extra fabric for pew bows and to embellish candle stands and reception tables.

Anything goes when planning a wedding, so don’t be afraid to embrace a daring theme including lace accents. Bridesmaids can don leather sashes to accent their lacy gowns. Leather and lace touches would be lovely on bouquets, boutonnieres and reception centerpieces. Pair these materials with darker wedding colors like chocolate brown, deep magenta and black.

Lots of brides utilize tulle in their wedding decorations, but consider bumping it up a notch! Purchase three or more colors of tulle for a festive and colorful event. Use the rainbow of tulle to make pew bows, reception table runners and chair accents. You will have instant wedding joy using small layered squares of tulle for candy favors tied up with twine and colorful tags thanking guests for attending.

There is a growing trend of cowboy themed weddings featuring easy cotton wedding clothes, wildflower bouquets and fun calico prints with leather accents. Have crafty girlfriends help make calico print table runners, napkins or place mats for each guest. Top your tables with mason jars, simple flowers and a scatter of buttons for the perfect touch. Using leather products by Rustico, wrap silverware bundles in leather bows and make candy-filled leather pouches as wedding favors.

Let burlap be the unexpected star of your wedding reception. It is lovely to work with, affordable and adaptable. Use it for a wedding aisle runner trimmed with rose petals, as well as for the ring-bearer pillow and chair bows. You can stitch drawstring bags filled with spa products as gifts to wedding attendants.

When planning the perfect wedding it is a wonderful idea to incorporate fun materials as they add interest, rich texture and unexpected touches. Be creative and a little daring and you are sure to be pleased with how your memorable day comes together.

How to be the BEST Groom Ever! Helpful tips from the pros

After many months of planning and anticipation, your wedding day is just around the corner. As the groom, you are the second most important person on this oh so special day. Here are a few tips to help you prepare for the most important day of your life.

Get Enough Rest

The night before your wedding it will be very tempting to stay up too late in preemptive celebration. Rehearsal dinners are notorious for keeping you out too late. Your bride will say she needs her beauty rest and so do you. If you cannot get to bed at a decent hour, try to sleep in and delegate your morning errands.

Give a Gift to your Bride

One of those morning activities should be the delivery of a gift to your bride. It is hard to go wrong with jewelry, especially something to coordinate with her wedding dress. For those on a budget, a beautiful arrangement of flowers is a great alternative.

Stay Hydrated

Make sure you drink plenty of water, and watch your alcohol intake. Hydration is more important on this day than any other. For every drink you enjoy, try to drink two glasses of water. This trick should keep you hydrated and looking and feeling your best.

Dress the Part

Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get dressed, you will need more time than you think. Shaving is mandatory on your wedding day unless, of course, you have a beard. A barber in NYC suggests getting your beard cleaned up the morning of the wedding.

Send your Bride a Note

While your bride will love her gift or flowers earlier in the day, it is always a good idea to remind her how much you love her just before she makes the walk down the isle. When you get to the site of the wedding, have one of your groomsmen deliver the handwritten letter to her. Don’t wait until the last minute to put your thoughts on paper, take a few moments in the morning to pen a meaningful letter.


When your wife begins her walk down the isle, all eyes will be on her. After a few seconds, many eyes will turn your way to capture your reaction to seeing your bride for the first time. Make sure you are smiling and hold that smile.

Once the ceremony is over, it is time to relax and enjoy every minute of your reception. Nerves are replaced by sheer happiness. Following these tips will ensure a stress-free day so you can enjoy the celebrations after the ceremony.

5 Tips for Celebrating Your Dream Wedding

Not every bride has an unlimited budget for her dream wedding. If she wants a beautiful gown, she must make sacrifices to other areas of the wedding. A big lavish wedding with hundreds of guests might need a trim on the amount of people in the wedding party. If the bride trims down her budget in one area, she can splurge on another area and still get the wedding of her dreams. Make a list of the things that ARE most important to you and put the budget into those items.

Elaborate Cake

The pictures of the bride and groom thrusting cake into each other’s faces is one of the most treasured memories of that special day. The cake does not have to cost thousands of dollars. If the bride or groom knows someone who decorates fabulous cakes, that person can buy cake decorating supplies to address a plain cake and give it a personal style. A cheaper wedding cake does not have to look cheap with the addition of personal touches.

Cut Guest List

While the bride and groom will want to invite their immediate family to the wedding, they don’t need to invite their second-cousin-once-removed or a friend they haven’t talked to in years. They don’t need to invite their work friends and colleagues. They shouldn’t feel obligated to invite every person they’ve ever met. Cutting down the guest list leaves extra money for other items on the dream wedding list.

Hire Friends

A great way to save money is to use friends and family as help on the big day. The bride or groom most likely knows someone who can sing. This person could relieve the need for a band or DJ at the wedding. If anyone in the wedding party can speak eloquently, consider drafting him or her as the officiant.


Flowers can be the single most expensive item on the wedding list. They are used as decorations in the wedding venue whether it’s a church or an outdoor location. The bride and all her bridesmaids need flowers. The men and the groom need boutineer. One way to cut down on the expensive of flowers is to bring in fresh-picked, wild flowers or use another accessory that fits in with your theme. Some brides go with a vintage theme and use ribbons, lace and jewelry to create a beautiful bouquet. Brides can be extremely creative in their choices. In the venue, creative centerpieces will draw more talk than traditional flowers.gatsby-2


Any place that a bride can call upon her friends and family to help will save her money. If anyone knows a caterer, don’t be afraid to seek discounts or deals from colleagues and
associates. Friends of friends will be happy for the business and will more than likely be willing to offer cost savings.

Now with all the money you just saved, you can splurge on the gown, the venue or maybe order something really incredible — like custom MUSICAL invitations!

A bride does not have to skimp on her dream wedding. With careful planning and creative solutions, the bride and groom can have an extremely special day that will mean so much to them both.

Grooming and Fashion Tips for Brides, Grooms and their Entourage

On your wedding day it is the one day you want to look perfect, since it will become a day to threshold the rest of you lives. Pictures will be an inevitable part of the celebration so take a few minutes to plan your personal grooming before your big day.

Consult and Prepare

Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day. Because scheduling beauty services and buying the right products can take a long time, you should get started with planning your look a few months before your wedding. If you are getting married on short notice, head to a salon for a consultation. Your hair stylist may be able to schedule you in for the morning of your wedding or teach you how to do your own hair depending on your wedding location and budget.

Tanning Tips

Spray tanning is another thing that should be done for the first time at least two weeks before the big day. Brides who want to have a natural glow that looks beautiful with their white dress love the results they get from spray tanning, but getting your color right can be tough without a trial run. To avoid ruining your wedding day with a spray tan that looks unnatural, ask your salon technician to help you choose colors that best suit your complexion. Come in a couple of times to test different shades and find your perfect match.

Skin Care

Drink a lot of water, moisturize and exfoliate your skin on a regular basis to get youthful-looking, dewy skin by your wedding day. Since you might lose some sleep out of excitement or nervousness the night before your wedding, plan to do a relaxing eye mask in the morning before you put on your makeup.

Unique Fashion Ideas for Grooms and Their Entourage

While grooms do not have as many choices when it comes to their wedding ensemble as their brides, they can still show some creativity through interesting apparel choices. For before the wedding and after the reception, ordering matching clothes for the groomsmen is a fun way to bring the wedding party closer together. One-of-a-kind shirts can also be given to all of the groomsmen as special gifts. To find the best range of styles for any taste and wedding theme, grooms can head to Reem Clothing at

Tie in Color

Grooms who want to spice up their special days with a one-of-a-kind suit can try to wear an unorthodox color or cut. Tailored taupe suits are in style and perfect fall and winter weddings. Vests paired with bright dress shirts and unusual ties are perfect for spring and early summer weddings. Grooms who want to keep their wedding attire traditional can make it stand out with a touch of color in the form of corsages, bow ties, and fabric patterns.

On your wedding, there is so much you have to worry about. Don’t forget to spend some time on your appearance. For pictures and posterity, make sure you get everything you need to look great. Use your creativity to tie in color. Don’t forget to have fun! This is your big day so enjoy it and don’t stress the little things.

How To Find The Best Photographer For Your Special Day

You’ve already decided on tablecloths and little shapes for your napkins. Choosing a wedding photographer, however, is a bit more time-consuming. With so many studios and freelancers clamoring to capture your big day, how do you look past the lens and know which one is right for you?

Here are a few tips for choosing a the best photographer for your wedding day.

Choose A Photo Style

The easiest way to find a good wedding photographer is simply to flip through portfolios until you see something you like. But what if you don’t have time for that?

Start by narrowing your search and focusing on a particular style. Different photographers specialize in different areas, like outdoor weddings versus traditional settings, black-and-whites versus color photos, etc. Some studios like Lasting Expressions do them all. It doesn’t really matter what you decide to focus on so long as you have that focus: Construct a detailed vision of what you want your wedding photo album to look like, then search for a portfolio that matches it.

Know Your Limits

Once you’ve found your niche, you can eliminate more options by setting a price range and deciding the extent of your required services. How much of your wedding budget can you set aside for the photographer? Will you be asking for physical prints or just a CD/film roll? Do you only need someone for a few wedding portraits, or do you want them cataloging every step of the rehearsal, reception and ceremony? Can you afford it?

Meet The Photographer

Be sure to actually meet your photographer in person before committing to their services. They’ll be sticking to you like glue during the most important day of your life, so you’ll want your personalities to mesh! You can also take the opportunity to really hash out the details of their employment and re-negotiate any complicated points.

Know Who To Avoid

Don’t ever hire a relative! Not ever! Just don’t do it!

You should also watch out for anyone who has an insanely busy schedule. They’re either overworking themselves, which means they won’t be at their best for you, or they’re handing off events to assistants and associate photographers.

Seek Unbiased Opinions

A good way to vet any potential photographers is to figure out what previous customers have to say about them. Don’t trust the reviews on their personal website; look for third-party ratings and rankings. The best review anyone could give goes something like, “I was having (X) problem but my photographer managed it efficiently and got my portraits back on track in a minute!”

You should also be wary of photographers recommended by your venue or wedding coordinator. They may, in fact, be great at their job, but chances are high that they’re paying to be networked and endorsed by other industry professionals.

100_2018Trust Your Instincts

You can’t be sure how your pictures will turn out until you actually have them in your hands, so choosing a photographer is by necessity an act of faith. Once you’ve browsed, classified and analyzed all your options, all that’s left is to go with your instincts.

They led you to your spouse, after all. They can lead you to a wonderful wedding photographer as well.

And once you have found the perfect photographer, make sure to give him a list of the shots you want him to take. One great shot is a picture of your wedding invitation bring it to your engagement session or have some at the wedding venue.

Impressive Presents – 5 Unique Gift Ideas for the Bride’s Special Day

Weddings are tough. If you’re like most adults, you find yourself spending much of your discretionary income and vacation time on them. There’s a lot to think about, especially if travel is involved. But one thing is non-negotiable, and that is a gift, particularly if you’re planning to attend. But what if you want to give a truly special gift instead of buying off the registry? Try one of these unique gift ideas.

1. Etched glass

Wine glasses, serving dishes, or fruit bowls with the couple’s initials etched into it is a great way to personalize a somewhat generic gift. Etching creams are available at craft and hobby stores so you can make the gift yourself. However, if you’re giving expensive Daum crystal or Waterford crystal, it’s best to leave the etching to the pros.

2. Experience gifts

How often will the couple really use the melon baller or chef’s toque they registered for? An experience they can share, such as a hang-gliding excursion or wine-tasting trip, is a memory-maker that they can enjoy together.

3. Fancy spices

Your favorite couple may have all the cookware and serving dishes they’ll need, but you can add a little flavor to their meals by giving them a set of exotic spices like saffron, coriander, and Himalayan pink sea salt. These are flavors they will love but may not think to get for themselves.

4. Disaster preparedness kit

It’s never fun to think about a tornado, earthquake, or other disaster on the couple’s happy day, but this practical gift can help keep them safe in an emergency. You can buy an emergency kit or put one together yourself depending on the most likely scenario for the couple’s geographic area. They won’t think to register for this, but they will thank you for it.

5. A handmade gift

What are you good at? A couple you’re close to might appreciate a handmade gift from the heart, whether it’s gourmet chocolates, a hand-stitched quilt, or a case of your best hand-crafted beer. If you’re handy, you might build a piece of furniture that fits their style, or if you’re a baker, you could offer to create their wedding masterpiece.

Wedding gift decisions can be stressful, but they’re also a great way to show how much you care. By offering a unique gift, the special couple will know how much you love them and will be thrilled with how much thought you put into their gift.

13 Wedding Invitation Trends for 2013

romanceChoosing a wedding invitation can be just as difficult as choosing the bridal gown. First impressions last forever, and wedding invitations set the tone and theme for the entire affair – not to mention the fact that they are one of the lasting mementos of your wedding. The flowers die, the food is forgotten but years later you (and your guests) can look back at your invitation and remember the wonderful event. By going with a custom, couture invitation company, you can be assured that your invitation will be the perfect accompaniment to the most important day of your life.

A new trend within the realm of invitations has slowly been making its way into the wedding world and with the help of Kim Kardashian, it has finally been set ablaze: musical invitations. Kim Kardashian recently used musical invitations for her baby shower, sending guests an invitation in a music box that featured a lullaby version of partner Kanye West’s “Hey Mama” and a twirling ballerina. Remember the song that was playing when you first locked eyes with your fiancé?  The music that provided the backdrop for the perfect first kiss?  The tune that you’re planning on playing for your first dance? Songs that have a special place in your heart could provide the perfect touch to your wedding invitations.  There is only one company ready to supply brides this product. Music Box Invites is the only custom, musical invitation company that can provide a red-carpet celebrity styled invitation. Brides can work with the Music Box team to create completely customized invitations that feature the couple’s choice of music and art work. Couples are free to choose from dozens of pre-recorded clips of music or upgrade to a customized song. They also offer access to artists that will come up with completely unique designs or record music for the invites.

Musical invitations might be the most unique trend right now, but it is not the only one. Observing the more than 800 stationery exhibitors who showcased their latest designs in May at the 67th National Stationery Show resulted in at least 12 other interesting trends for 2013 weddings. Here are some of the wedding invitation trends that were spotted.

  1. Different materials other than paper – we saw invitations printed on wood, fabric and natural fibers.
  2. Envelope liners – patterned ones, fabric ones, even a suede one was featured – Music Box Invites can custom print the liners to match your invitation paper selection


    This invitation seen at the Paper show has two trends on it — laser cutting design on the belly band and patterned envelope liner.

  3. Poster style invitations – One of our favorite trends, our co-founder used this for her Rehearsal Dinner and Brunch invitations. Her love of classic films had to be represented in the big event. She also had a “Top Hat” inspired poster blow up for guests to sign at the wedding and that same image was used on her menu’s and guest favors. Music Box Invites can customize the Invitations or Save The Dates to showcase the couple in their favorite movie poster.
    Michael Singing in the Rain STD

    A Save the Date Invite designed by recording star, Michael Andrew for his own wedding to Lea O’Connell.

    Top Hat Poster

    Consider having your engagement photo shoot include images that can be superimposed on a poster style invite. Our co-founder’s photographer did that and these posters were used on the menus.

  4. Watercolor paintings, backgrounds, block press designs and hand printed elements – Music Box invites has access to local artists who can create ANYTHING a bride can think up. That is truly the only way to get a one of a kind invitation – when it is painted just for that couple.
  5. Die cut shapes other than square or rectangle


    Two trends together – die cut cards and handwritten font becoming the design

  6. Gatsby inspired designs and fonts – this year’s movie is a trend setter and yet, still classic and timeless. We believe that Gatsby and the 1920’s will continue to be popular for years to come. Also, black and white will always be a trend and was featured a lot this year as well.

    This invitation combines the Gatsby theme with the new trend in Musical Invitations and use of Metallics as well - three trends in one invite!

    This invitation combines the Gatsby theme with the new trend in Musical Invitations and use of Metallics as well – three trends in one invite!

  7. Digital printing on the rise – no longer do invitations have to be letterpress to be elegant. In fact, most of the invitations found these days are digitally imprinted. This allows for smaller runs, different papers and mixes of colors/styles.
  8. Laser cutting – a technique that involves a computer-controlled laser cutting paper into intricate patterns


    Extreme Laser Cut Design

  9. South of the border and Southwestern colors and themes
  10. Kraft paper, chalkboard designs and other casual, fun themes
  11. Calligraphy style fonts that become the design hand-penned fonts for a look that feels equal parts classic and whimsical


    Whimsical yet classic handwritten font reminds one of individually calligraphy invitations

  12. Foil stamping and metallic papers– gold/silver stamping and overlays add a real touch of elegance and excitement to invitations. Once old fashioned and over-used, the new touches are not retro but very modern.

Whatever trend you choose, take your time to make sure that this invitation is something personal and perfect for you – just like you did when you choose your fiancé and your wedding gown!

I’m Gettin’ Married in the Morning: Six Items Every Wedding Reception Needs

Joann & Doug  0744There are lots of details to keep track of when you are planning a wedding. Many of these details involve the wedding reception. This is going to be the place where the wedding guests spend most of their time, which means you want it to be as perfect as possible. Here is a list of six items every wedding reception needs.

1. Table Cards
A key to a good wedding reception is organization. You need to make sure to place cards at each table to make it easy for guests to find their seats. If you want to get creative, you can label the tables with song titles or famous names to make them more memorable.

2. Music
Unless you are going to hire a band, you will need a good DJ to keep the atmosphere energetic at your wedding. Avoid the temptation of making your iPod the DJ. Even if you do decide to make an iPod playlist for your reception, you should get someone to monitor it to skip songs if things are too slow. And if you do have a band, use the IPod to provide music when the band is on break.

3. Cake
The cake is one of the most important parts of the reception. You don’t have to pay a fortune for a wedding cake. Get some cake pans and have a friend who likes to bake make your cake. This will create a special desert when you have a friend make you a custom cake. They will be honored, and you will save a bundle. One trendy idea is to have decorated cupcakes in lieu of a cake. If you choose to do this, you can plan it the same way as you would a cake. Purchase some nice cupcake pans and ask a good friend to make a variety of types. You could have lemon, rasberry, chocate – the options are limitless.

4. Open Bar
Don’t be cheap when it comes to this part of the reception. There are plenty of other areas where you can save money. An open bar will guarantee that your reception will be lively.

5. Photographer
Make sure that the photographer gets plenty of shots at the reception. As well as lots of candid shots, try to gather everyone together for as many group shots as possible.

6. Centerpieces
Beautiful centerpieces create a great setting for a wedding reception. Flowers are the traditional centerpiece, and you won’t go wrong if you choose to use them. However, feel free to get creative with your centerpieces. One romantic idea is to roll up a page of sheet music of your song. Wrap it with a beautiful ribbon and place it in a vase in place of flowers to create a striking centerpiece.

If you plan ahead, you will be able to gather together everything that you need to create the ideal wedding reception. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from family and friends. You only have one chance to host your wedding reception. Make it count by planning out every detail.

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