A wedding reception is normally the largest and most expensive party you and your significant other will have to plan. It is the most exciting and enjoyable part of the wedding. The event should be a very happy occasion for the married couple and their guests, so it is crucial that everyone has a wonderful and memorable time. Different variables have to be attended to, such as a date, timings, location, catering, photography and entertainment.

1. Date and Time

Getting married and holding the reception on the weekend or a holiday would be a great idea. This would be more suitable for all the guests to attend. Try to avoid late-night functions. Instead, let the ceremony take place in the morning, afternoon or early evening. Keeping a time line for each ritual and event in the wedding is important. That will help to avoid unnecessary confusion.

2. Reception Location

Picking the right location is a major factor in the overall success of the big day. For those residents in the “Beehive State”, if you plan to have your reception in one of the Utah restaurants, make sure it is warm and impresses as you enter. Restaurants with outdoor patios or verandas with views are always pleasing. Once you have chosen your venue, date and time – start looking at invitations because the nicest ones can take 3-6 months to come in. Consider something really over the top like Musical Wedding Invites to really WOW your guests.

3. Catering

Finalizing the menu for the important occasion and hiring an expert caterer would be beneficial. Many Utah catering companies are dependable and do a wonderful job. A top-notch caterer can be costly, but their food and service is usually great. In addition, all the extra amenities are included in their prices.

4. Top Shelf Photographer

Selecting an experienced photographer with a high rating is very important. You want someone who is professionally dressed, with an efficient and relaxed manner. If possible, make sure the photographer is hired until the reception ends. This may guarantee the special moments, whenever they occur, will not be missed.

5. Entertainment

Try to hire a DJ who knows how to beat mix a two or three song set. Most songs played at receptions are three to four minutes long. Most couples have enough energy to dance ten to twelve minutes. Once the three to four minute song is over, everybody is ready to leave the floor. A DJ who is skilled at beat mixing songs is more likely to keep everybody on the dance floor and keep the energy of a reception going.

Planning a wedding reception way ahead of time is very important for making that special day smooth and happy. Most couples will get reception advice a variety of ways. The tips included above may help them plan their special event so that everyone enjoys it.