Do you want to do something to help others after your wedding day? Try extending your hand to others during your honeymoon. How? Volunteer. At Music Box Invites, we believe in volunteering and encourage all of our associates to volunteer in their community. But we had never heard of doing it on a Honeymoon before.

How does walking with Lions in Zimbabwe sound? Or traveling to the “Venice of the East,” India’s most romantic city, and spending your honeymoon helping to educate those without access to formal education. Or maybe spend your exploring the wilds getting behind the scenes of a typical safari in Kenya’s Masai Mara, South Africa . Or join communities on the beaches of Zanzibar or the mountains of Swaziland. All this is possible and easy to plan according to Kaya Honeymoon Volunteers or Handsup Holidays who call it “Honeyterring”

fullfe8f179165407b32b63ddd1f7036c591d2571a5cThere are quite a number of advantages of volunteering. One of them is the devotion and support you give to people who are in need. You do not have to volunteer selflessly but you can imagine how colorful it will be when you visit people from all walks of life in different countries. Volunteering  will feed both your mind and soul. Additionally, you will enjoy things you might miss if you were staying in a beach resort. Flying to a resort may not give you the chance to enjoy what that place has to offer. When you volunteer, you will get the opportunity to experience the culture of the place. Volunteer destinations may not be very attractive at  first glance but you will soon fall in love. Knowing the struggles of other people and sharing with them is a very satisfying experience.  It could be a great way to begin your marriage – working together for a cause you both believe in and a way to see the world a bit.

Many of the newlyweds that have tried this program say that it can be satisfying doing something for others. The people you help may not be needy, they may be children from Thailand wanting English lessons, or environmentalist from Australia trying to save sea life. The choice of the cause is all yours, but this is a perfect present before you start your new marriage life.full08c437603e8b8391d6c0479d072e6835865b173d

Before you choose a destination, it is important to select a particular volunteer cause. Programs are many and in different countries for a wide choice by honeymooners so check out different websites that can direct you to volunteer organisations in the world. Whatever you decide to do, it will enrich your life and your marriage!

This blog was assisted with information provided by Maya Johnson, a blog writer at Virgin Australia