Common Wedding Mistakes and Solutions

Although every wedding ceremony is different and unique, certain wedding blunders seem to crop up time and time again. Planning upcoming nuptials can be a stressful time, even for the most organised of couples! While there are no guarantees that the big day will run smoothly from start to finish, knowing about common wedding mistakes can certainly help to prepare you and your stress levels for any unwanted scenarios.

Spending too much

While you may be in a state of bride heaven now, normality will start to rear its head once more so keep your costs in check. Like any other big event in your life, from your first car to your first child, it is very easy to become swayed by savvy salespeople into buying unnecessary expensive items. You may find that going down the cost-cutting DIY route can also add some personality and character to the event. The best solution is to have a budget from the beginning and stick to it!

Neglecting your partner

Many husbands-to-be are more than willing to hand over wedding duties to the women, however don’t assume that your partner is one of them. Sharing the load equally can allow you to spend time with each other and bond over the experience. Your partner may have his own input regarding cars, food, venues and much more. Allow him to speak up before you rush ahead with everything.

Partying hard before your wedding

Although hen and stag dos have become part and parcel of the wedding industry, many couples make the common mistake of partying too soon before the ceremony. While it can be quite therapeutic to let your hair down with friends before such a big moment in your life, avoid the hangover blues during the ceremony by being sensible.

Forgetting about noise control

Wedding bands and DJs have gatsby-2become a popular wedding trend to inject some fun into the night. When planning the music for a wedding, many couples forget to take noise levels into account. By not following the town’s sound ordinance laws, a noisy after party may be forced to end unexpectedly. Talk to the venue and council beforehand to find out about noise level restrictions.

Sending wedding invitations too late

It may seem like an obvious thing to do but after a happy pair gets engaged, some like to focus on the more exciting aspects of planning a wedding such as venues, cakes and dresses. Sending wedding invitations isn’t the most thrilling of tasks – especially when you have 200 to do – but it is best to get them done early so your loved ones can put the date in their diaries. That being said another big mistake it ordering them too late. Wedding Invitations should be ordered right after you book your venue as custom wedding invitations can take 3-6 months to make!

Buying the dress to early

Three of the 4 gowns!

Three of the 4 gowns!

While it may be a good idea to send invites early, buying the dress to early can lead to problems in the size and regrets department. You may decide that you want to lose a little weight before the wedding, after you have bought the all important dress. Therefore, as you are busy exercising and dieting, your bigger dress may be lingering in your wardrobe until the big day. Avoid any embarrassment or scratchy safety pins by scheduling a few dress fittings in the run up to the big day.


Where To Find Plus Size Wedding Dresses

Every woman dreams of wearing the perfect gown on their wedding day. These dresses should enhance the overall look if the bride and will help her transform in being the most beautiful woman of this day. But what if the bride has gained some weight and the wedding day is fast approaching? Is there any other way to find a wedding dress that will compliment the bride’s figure and maintain here magnificence at the day of her wedding? If dieting is not an option in dealing with this issue, then there are still some ways to get the right dress. All you need to do is to learn where to find wedding dresses for plus size women.

Consider These Tips In Finding Big Size Wedding Dresses That Will Suit Even Your Small Budget:

1. Retail Chains – More and more retail chain stores responded to the need of every woman who are looking for affordable wedding dresses as most of these stores are offering different types of wedding dresses in a variety of sizes. You can enjoy from the many cuts and styles and these dresses can go from the smallest size up to size 20! Just visit one of the many retail stores nearest you and you’ll be able to find plus size wedding dresses at any time of the day. Take a look at some of these pics of wedding dresses sold at retail stores.

gown pair


2. Internet Search – If you don’t have time to look outside, then why not use your own resources and find plus size wedding dresses over the internet. A lot of online wedding sites and certain selling sites sell wedding dresses for big sized women and even big size bridesmaid dresses. Just make sure that they offer the customization option so that you may be able to adjust your dress to fit accordingly to your body. Check out some of these big size dresses you can purchase over the net.

gown 2

3. Used Clothing Stores – When looking for plus size wedding dresses, sometimes you have to go beyond bridal shops and boutiques. You may even have to do the unconventional way of shopping and that is by visiting certain used clothing stores. Used clothing has slowly risen in the mainstream market and it’s now being considered as one of the most practicable areas for buying wedding dresses. Used clothing comes in a wide range of cut and sizes and they also cater to wedding dresses for big sized women. Just make sure to dry clean the dress before wearing it because you’ll never know who wore this dress and how it handled from the warehouse to the store. So to prevent any hygienic issues, clean the wedding dress to make it look fresh before wearing it on you special day. Take a look at some of these pictures of plus size bridal gowns you can get at a used clothing store.

gown 3


Be reasonable and smart whenever choosing a dress for your day of matrimony. If you gain a little weight, it doesn’t mean that you also have to spend more just to flaunt your way into the aisle. Just follow the tips on where to find wedding dresses for plus size women and surely you’ll be able to have the right dress that will go well with your body figure.

gown 4

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Joan Swinson is a 31 year old editor for The Green Guide. She is also works as a part-time clothing designer and has passion in collecting shoes of all styles. Joan is fond making blog posts as she wants to express her opinion on different topics of interest and encourage others to share their own opinions as well.


Last Minute Wedding Tricks: Five Tips for Looking Your Best on Your Big Day

Looking lovely and sophisticated on your wedding day is certainly one of the goals you have set. However, you might be in need of a few more tips to have that extra special bridal glow everyone has been talking about.

Use Professionals Help

Right around your weddingJoann & Doug  0196 day, you should have some professional beauty treatments to stand out in the crowd. Having a manicure and pedicure will complement your dress, and getting your hair done in the morning will let you feel like a true princess. Professional makeup services can help your face look flawless for the big day. As you prepare to look your best, you may also consider getting your teeth whitened. Teeth whitening can help your smile pop, brightening your entire face, according to a teeth bleaching Austin company.

Smooth and Shape

You probably spent a decent amount of money on your wedding gown, and you want to look fabulous in it. You have probably spent time watching your diet and exercising, but if you fell a little short of your goal, there is still help. Instead of panicking on the day of the wedding, be prepared with the appropriate shape wear. Of course, you do not want to feel all stuffy, so try everything on with the dress before the wedding. Some dresses will look fine without the additional support.

The Night Before

When you’re getting married the very next day, staying up with your friends and partying is quite tempting. However, this is a surefire way to not look your best. Not only could you have dark circles underneath your eyes, but consuming alcohol can dehydrate your skin and make you not feel well at all. Get a full night’s rest so you are refreshed for the morning.

Comfortable Footwear

Walking down the aisle is a majorly special moment of the day. If you look as though you are in pain and agony, some of that joy will be taken away. Choose comfortable shoes. Chances are, no one is even going to see them underneath your gown. Even if you are a girl who frequently wears high heels, consider flats for the ceremony and reception. You want to make sure you are comfortable.

Bring Along Backup

During the day, you never know if your makeup might start to run or if your dress will get snagged on something. You should have an emergency bridal kit along with you, and you should also have extra makeup. Some brides decide to hire a hair and makeup person to stay with them throughout the day.

Bridal beauty is definitely an important element of the wedding day. After all, you absolutely want to look your best. Following these tips and suggestions will help you accomplish that goal.


Kandace Heller is a freelance writer from Orlando, Florida. In her free time Kandace enjoys reading, writing and going to the beach.

Wedding Styles That Keep It Traditional and Classy

When it comes to wedding styles, a bride has no shortage to choose from. The endless selection of dresses and hairstyles paired with enough jewelry options to outfit a Queen can have you feeling overwhelmed long before you brocadekitwalk down the aisle. If you’re searching for a look that’s both modest and elegant, check out these four wedding styles that keep it traditional and classy.

The Elegant Wedding Invitations
If you want your guests to know your wedding style and therefore dress appropriately, remember their first impression is the wedding invite (and the Save the Date). Don’t email your Save the Date if you want the event to be Traditional and Classy – make sure to follow the traditional style of formatting your invitation and use high quality papers. To truly make this your “own” consider using a custom couture wedding invitation company to design and print the invitations.

The White Ball Gownsilk-embroidered-bridal-ball-gown
A bride wearing white is the embodiment of grace, and there’s nothing more charming than a classic ball gown. Choose a strapless satin gown if you want to show of your shoulders without baring too much skin, or dazzle your groom by wearing a tulle gown that floats across the floor. If you’re looking for a style that’s truly glamorous, a ruffled dress featuring a long train will guarantee all eyes stay locked on you. Finally, for a traditional look with a bit of a modern twist, try an off-white dress with subtle beading on the bodice.

The Tiered Veil
A tiered veil is perfect for showing off an updo and complementing your facial features. Whether you choose a one-tiered veil with sheer lining that flows down your back or a two-tiered veil that just brushes your collarbone, you’re sure to be a showstopper. For a truly unique look, forgo the veil and use a chiffon scarf. Draping the scarf around your shoulders or incorporating it into your updo can add that perfect little touch of class you’re looking for.

Antique Jewelry
From pearl necklaces to chandelier earrings, antique jewelry brings a bit of vintage glamour to your entire outfit. It’s easy to go overboard on jewelry, but a few statement pieces will serve you best when you’re aiming for a traditional look. A pair of champagne rhinestone earrings will bring out the sparkle in your eyes and complement your smile, and an art deco hair clasp will have your bridesmaids gushing.

Joann & Doug  0781A Classic Cake
Once you’ve got your outfit picked out, it’s time to focus on the food. Every wedding guest will enjoy snacking on traditional appetizers like egg rolls and stuffed mushrooms, but the real center of attention will be your wedding cake. You’ll likely want a tiered caked, but it’s up to you how many layers to use. Some cakes tower as high as seven tiers, while others are just as elegant with three. Either way, white is the color of choice for classic wedding cakes. Simple cakes that use fondant to mimic lace patterns are a favorite with brides who love a clean-cut look, while cakes using elaborate floral designs can really set your wedding apart in the minds of your guests.

From her flowing tiered veil to her exquisite white ball gown, a traditional bride is truly a beautiful sight to behold. By recreating classic styles that brides all over the world have used for decades, you’re sure to make your special day into a dream come true.Wedding Styles That Keep It Traditional and Classy




Our Guest blogger, Annabelle is currently a loving and caring mother of two children. She lives outside of Milwaukee, WI and loves cheering for the Bucks and Badgers. She is a blog enthusiast and loves writing, if she is not writing she is cleaning up after her two lovely angels. Email-



Choosing a wedding gown — at any age!

Getting married again at 52 was a surprise but it did give me the opportunity to right a wrong from my past wedding. For some unknown reason, I didn’t have a wedding “gown” the first time around but instead had someone make me a dress. I had cut something out of a magazine (completely ignoring the fact that it was on a professional model who was 6’ tall and thin and blonde) and asked my dressmaker to make that dress, but short and in PINK. He also added a removable train and puffy sleeves so basically I looked liked Snow White in a Pepto Bismal bottle. It was awful. Not to mention the 80’s hair and makeup … I cringe when I look at those pictures.

This time I was getting a wedding gown. Not just any gown but the PERFECT gown. This shouldn’t be too hard, I wore gowns a lot to charity events and always found lovely ones. I just didn’t understand how different Bridal Gown Shopping was!

First of all, the gowns never look like they do in print for some reason. And then there is the whole sizing thing .. I am a size 2. Trust me (except for maybe David’s Bridal), there is not a gown in my size to try on so you have a dress on with industrial strength metal clips in the back holding it on. Very difficult to imagine what it would look like when altered. And then most places have a “no picture policy” until you purchase it. I mean the dress you are going to have the most pictures ever taken of you in your life and you can’t see a photograph before you purchase it? That really would have been helpful.

First Gown - I didn't see this picture until months after purchasing ... the mirror lies!

First Gown – I didn’t see this picture until months after purchasing … the mirror lies!

My first stop for a gown was in New York City. A girlfriend flew up with me and we went to a few different shops. But the first place we went was overwhelming. It was the size of a football field and crammed with gowns of every designer, color, etc. I had brought pictures of gowns I liked and even though my friend encouraged me to try all different styles on, I had tunnel vision and ended up trying on mostly fit and flares. I had also thought I wanted a halter style because a lot of my regular gowns were a halter and that was always flattering. Anyway, 2 hours later and a very nice salesperson, I walked away with gown #1, a gorgeous Watters “sample” gown that was marked down to just $400 (from $1200) because it had just been discontinued. I was pretty happy and even though we went to two other stores, I was fairly confident that this gown was the one. Until I got it home and got copies of the pictures that my friend took of me in it. I was shocked; the gown didn’t look as good as I thought it had in the mirror! A trip to the seamstress confirmed my mistake and even after a few meetings with ideas on how to alter it, we finally came to the conclusion, this dress was not going to work. So less than 6 months from the wedding, I am back on the prowl for a gown and now in Orlando.

Three of the 4 gowns!

Three of the 4 gowns!

I had always planned on a 2nd dress to change into after the cocktail hour so that I could dance the night away with no fear of ruining my dress or dealing with the train (bustled or not, it is still not a great thing to dance in). So dress #2 was found at a remote dress shop that had a clearance rack and a ballgown style dress (yes by this point I was trying on all types of styles) that was pearl encrusted at the top and layers of tulle on the bottom. We kind of rebuilt the bottom half of the dress but in the end it worked well for the reception dress. But still no ceremony dress and panic is setting in.

The Perfect Gown! Finally. Justin Alexander

The Perfect Gown! Finally. Justin Alexander

We did all the major bridal shops in town and either were turned off by their service and/or their prices. I really couldn’t see myself spending more than $1500 for a gown and was really hoping for one under $1000. I then went to East Orlando and had a shop hold a couple of gowns for me so my friends could all weigh in. We liked one the best (a Christina Wu) and I bought gown #3. Now this is a gorgeous dress and it looked good on me. But something still nagged at me. I had tried on a size 14 Justin Alexander that I kept thinking about. Now it is 3 months before the wedding and I do the online search for that gown in my size and finally find it and order it. The  minute I put it on, I knew that was the gown and now I had TWO gowns to sell.

It took about 6 months but I did sell both of them to two VERY happy brides who ROCKED the dresses that didn’t work for me. So while I lost money (and time) on the deal, I console myself with the knowledge that I made two other women very happy.

What did I learn from this experience (and am now lucky to share with my step daughter)?

  1. Cut out pictures but remember these people are models! Try to find pictures of the REAL wedding brides. And forget ordering on the internet — unless you have tried the gown on in person, they never look like they do on the internet. Besides many are fakes and knock offs and that could mean poor quality.
  2. Listen to my friend – try on all the styles. While I kept searching for fit and flare gowns, I ended up with an A Line. So try them all on. My step daughter said no lace but at the last moment tried on a dress with lace that she fall in love with. So don’t be stubborn, try them on.
  3. Don’t be pressured to buy – especially if it is not a one of a kind sample sale gown. And even those they will usually hold for a day so you can come back.
  4. Try to shop places where they allow pictures so you can see quickly how that dress looks on you. Photos can pick up things that the naked eye just doesn’t and you need this dress to look good in photos.
  5. Don’t bring a crowd, try to bring only one or two people with you. And make sure it is someone who will be truthful without being pushy. Just because THEY like it, doesn’t mean you have to.
  6. Make sure your hair and makeup is done nicely when you shop and ask them for a veil and flowers so you can see the whole effect. My step daughter really felt adding the veil changed the whole look of the dress.
  7. Remember you can embellish the dress with a belt and jewelry so don’t be afraid to keep the dress simple.
  8. White doesn’t really look good on anyone – 99% of all the gowns sold are off white or diamond white so don’t let that color be your guide.
  9. The dress needs to be comfortable. The last thing you want on your wedding day is a dress that is so tight you can’t breathe or sit down. Or one that itches.
  10. Start early! Many gowns take 3-6 months to come in so you want to start early just in case yours has to be ordered.


Joann Marks is the founder and co-owner of Music Box Invites – the ONLY custom musical invitation company!


Choosing your Wedding Headpiece

Once you have chosen your wedding gown, your next step should be your headdress selection. There are so many different choices in veils and wedding headpieces. Here are some tips on choosing a veil or headdress:

Heirlooms Ever After - Adaline1. Decide whether you want a veil or not – not every bride wears a veil these days, especially older brides and ones getting remarried. You might want to consider a unique headdress instead. For example, Heirlooms Ever After customizes head pieces for brides that not only match the gowns but also can carry sentimental value. Their Duet collection features the bride’s own family heirloom jewelry incorporated into the bridal headdress and it can be removed safely after the wedding day.  For example, they are currently completing a headdress for a bride whose Grandmother passed away last year and left her a brooch.  They are incorporating this into a side tiara for her so that the memory of her Nan will be with her every step down the aisle and in the photographs too!   Or you can choose from one of their designs with one of their stunning sterling silver Marcasite brooches that can then be removed after the day and worn again. And their Emily design also converts into a fresh water pearl bracelet and has a removable brooch!

2. If you do decide on a veil, the first step is to know your face shape - The veil depends very much on the shape of the face of the person who would be wearing it. Basic face shapes are  Oval, Round, Oblong, Heart, Diamond, Square, Rectangle or Triangle. While the first four shapes are soft and curved, the last four have more angular cuts. Pull your hair back and see which image below best matches your face shape. And remember opposites attract: for example, if you have a round, full face you can wear a veil that falls along the sides of the face to make your face look narrow.

3. Next consider your body type. A tall bride can wear a veil that is more commanding while for a petite bride, the best purchase would be a very fluffy veil with a large pouf. And brides with thick waist line should go for an asymmetrical veil that cascades varying lengths of tulle down the back. Before purchasing try the veil and check yourself in front of a full-length mirror to ensure that the proportions are right. Examine the veil from all angles as one that might suit you from the back might not look that flattering from the front.

4. Make an appointment with your hair stylist to decide what bridal look suits you best. A hair stylist can give you an idea about what type of veil or headpiece will work with the way your hair would be styled on your wedding day. Discuss using a headpiece instead and show them styles you like. This beautiful hairstyle is all about the headpiece.971015_465272060226573_210380791_n

5. Remember the details of your gown – does it have lace, beading, etc and try to make sure the veil or headpiece compliments and doesn’t clash with it. Of course, the best way is to try the headpiece or veil on with the dress but that is not always possible – especially if it is being custom made. Provide the maker with as much information and pictures about your gown as you can. And again, opposites attract, if the gown is simple, the headpiece can be more elaborate but if it is already embellished, go with a simple veil or headpiece so it doesn’t over power the dress.  Any sort of ornamentation on your veil should start below where your dress embellishments end.

6. Another new trend is a traditional veil for the ceremony and then change the hair for the wedding – see these beautiful combs that can be added to your hairstyle after the veil comes off.

Our featured vendor is  Heirlooms Ever After officially launched  in March 2012 on the catwalk at the National Wedding Show.  They are two regular mums (and sisters) who for many years have been making bridal accessories for friends and family but after our children had grown a little, we had more time and decided to give it a go.  The quality of what they wanted for themselves, in their bridal headdresses wasn’t out there so they made their own and it grew from there. Like them on Facebook:

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