The honeymoon period of marriage after the honeymoon actually ends is not always all it’s cracked up to be for newlyweds. This is especially true for traditional newlyweds who are living together for the first time. There will be many little things that they will have to adjust to when they first start living together.

1. Sleeping Together
This is not about sex. This is about the act of sharing a bed with another person. For someone who is not used to it, it may be very awkward at first. It takes time to get used to sleeping next to a partner. Make sure to prepare yourself for an adjustment phase.

2. Two Sets of Possessions
Combining the things of two people into one house can be a difficult task. If you do not have enough room, then consider the advantages of renting a storage unit. Even if the unit is just a temporary storage place until you get settled, the storage unit can help you until you get your new home organized according to an expert from Extra Space Storage .

3. Combining Finances
The financial issues face by newlyweds can be complex. Money arguments are one of the most common types of arguments for all married couples. Make sure to communicate openly about your finances to avoid conflict as much as possible.

4. Sharing the Chores
When it comes to household chores, you may not always agree about who should do what. They key is to sit down and discuss it. Draw up a list of weekly chores to ensure that everything gets done without conflict.

5. Choose Your Battle Lines Carefully
The key to maintaining a happy marriage is to let the little things go. You want to avoid conflict whenever you can. If you are always harping on your spouse about little things, then you won’t be able to impress upon your spouse your seriousness when the big issues arise. Don’t make a stand on an issue unless it’s very important to you.

6. Compromise
An ability to compromise is at the heart of any successful marriage. You must be willing to reach an understanding on all the issues in your marriage. No matter how big or small the issue is, make sure to reach a common ground with your spouse. A favorite saying at Music Box Invites is that “love is the highest form of tolerance” (that was said by Richard Burton!).

If you follow these six tips, you will find the transition into married life goes much more smoothly. You will avoid the rocky start that many people seem to face when they first face the challenge of sharing their lives.