A little bit about us…

Co-founder, Joann Marks, was surprised she was unable to find musical invitations for her wedding so she set about to create them herself. Beginning with a custom invitation she added more details and configured a beautiful box that sang “Fly Me to the Moon” (her wedding dance music) when opened. Her guests talked about the invitations so much that she decided to start a company with her designer friend, Nancy Faulk. They feel there is room in the wedding invitations industry for musical invitations since many of the greeting cards purchased today are musical.

Music Box InvitesTM offers a line of “Couture Custom” wedding invitations where each bride can work with the Music Box team to create a completely custom invitation package incorporating music or other sound bites. They also offer a semi-custom line where a bride can choose from one of ten designs in various colors and papers.

Music Box Invites doesn’t stop at just wedding invitations. Musical invitations are available for birthday parties, baby showers, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Quinceañeras and other events. Plus, they can do wedding menu’s, fans, program cards and even Save the Date cards. Contact Music Box Invites today for more info.