Nowadays, the busy schedules of youngsters often leave them fall short of time or money, or both. Today, financing a wedding has indeed become a tough task. The beach weddings provide a cost-effective and smart solution to the headache associated with a traditional wedding. Usually, the beach weddings are easy to plan, cheap and ensure fun for everyone, including the guests! Here are some tips to ensure a cost effective wedding.


  1. Do your research and learn what the annual rainfall is the month you want to get married. And have a back up plan! You don’t want your wedding to be totally rained out if you are doing it on the beach. Many beach resorts have covered areas that will still give an excellent view of the water in case of rain. Usually the beaches are very windy, hence try choosing a location, which offers protection from direct wind and helps keeping you safe from the high tides. Plus, Some areas near beaches are prone to hurricanes or storms, so plan your wedding accordingly.
  2. Make sure you know the legalities and find a beach that allows weddings, this is easily done if you are working with a hotel resort on the beach but harder if you have a favorite stretch of public beach you want to use.
  3. Find out a wedding planner in the beach town you choose, so that you can perform the wedding ceremonies. The planners also offer useful recommendations regarding the affordable wedding packages and deals for a perfect honeymoon as well. The wedding packages have gained popularity nowadays and are a perfect solution for the busy couples. Such packages include everything from the flowers to the marriage licenses.
  4. The beach is so beautiful it doesn’t always need lots of decoration.  It is a cost effective idea to decorate the wedding place with small twinkling lights and satin flowers. You can also choose real flowers if your budget allows. Again, make sure it is OK to use things such as candles or torches before setting your heart on them.
  5. Keep in mind that comfort and safety of your guests is very important. Check the seating arrangements for seniors, women and children. If you have guests who have certain type of disability, then you need to recognize that it is not possible to push a wheelchair through the sand. Check for the availability of trails or platforms, and ask the guests to use them if needed.
  6. Make sure you think about your gown (and bridesmaid’s dresses) very carefully. A beach wedding can be elegant but it is also more casual and your gown should be appropriate, not as heavy (beaches are hot), and not with a long training train (beaches are dirty and hard to walk on). So take all that into account and decide what is more important to you — the beach scenery or a couture wedding gown.
  7. You can choose the perfect time for wedding according to the local weather – . If you have wedding planned for afternoons, choose your clothing accordingly and arrange for sunscreen. Make sure to have parasols and plenty of water available for guests. You don’t want to cause sunburn!
  8. A casual hairstyle works best for beach weddings. If there is heavy breeze, give a messy look to your hair.
  9.  If you have a long list of guests, consider choosing a hotel or resort facing the ocean with a balcony to provide the reception after your ceremony beside the beach.
  10. blue-beach-wedding-invitationAnd of course, make sure to carry the Beach Theme through. Start with your Save the Date and your wedding invitations so guests know up front it will be on a beach and plan accordingly.  Music Box Invites have some awesome beach invitations that can include beach type music (such as “Somewhere Under the Sea” or a calypso “Wedding March”) that plays when the box opens. Consider adding seashells to the invitation tied with a raffia style ribbon. Giving them a lot of advance notice will help your guests  — they may want to make it part of their vacation so make sure to suggest places to eat and stay at.

Although there are many service providers who offer all-inclusive beach wedding packages, but do not wait until the last minute to make your reservation! The trend of beach weddings is huge and it is best in your interests to book everything beforehand to avoid mess later on. It is advised to book your package at least six months in advance.



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