Weddings are tough. If you’re like most adults, you find yourself spending much of your discretionary income and vacation time on them. There’s a lot to think about, especially if travel is involved. But one thing is non-negotiable, and that is a gift, particularly if you’re planning to attend. But what if you want to give a truly special gift instead of buying off the registry? Try one of these unique gift ideas.

1. Etched glass

Wine glasses, serving dishes, or fruit bowls with the couple’s initials etched into it is a great way to personalize a somewhat generic gift. Etching creams are available at craft and hobby stores so you can make the gift yourself. However, if you’re giving expensive Daum crystal or Waterford crystal, it’s best to leave the etching to the pros.

2. Experience gifts

How often will the couple really use the melon baller or chef’s toque they registered for? An experience they can share, such as a hang-gliding excursion or wine-tasting trip, is a memory-maker that they can enjoy together.

3. Fancy spices

Your favorite couple may have all the cookware and serving dishes they’ll need, but you can add a little flavor to their meals by giving them a set of exotic spices like saffron, coriander, and Himalayan pink sea salt. These are flavors they will love but may not think to get for themselves.

4. Disaster preparedness kit

It’s never fun to think about a tornado, earthquake, or other disaster on the couple’s happy day, but this practical gift can help keep them safe in an emergency. You can buy an emergency kit or put one together yourself depending on the most likely scenario for the couple’s geographic area. They won’t think to register for this, but they will thank you for it.

5. A handmade gift

What are you good at? A couple you’re close to might appreciate a handmade gift from the heart, whether it’s gourmet chocolates, a hand-stitched quilt, or a case of your best hand-crafted beer. If you’re handy, you might build a piece of furniture that fits their style, or if you’re a baker, you could offer to create their wedding masterpiece.

Wedding gift decisions can be stressful, but they’re also a great way to show how much you care. By offering a unique gift, the special couple will know how much you love them and will be thrilled with how much thought you put into their gift.