Five Helpful Wedding Gifts for a Young CoupleIf you have a wedding to attend and you are racking your brain to figure out a perfect gift that will be appreciated and helpful to the new couple, consider these options for great wedding gift ideas. When you give one of these wedding gifts, your gift will be remembered and used for years to come.

Items to Decorate Their New Home

When a new couple is starting out in life, they often have the essential home furnishings but are lacking on the items that make a home beautiful. Consider purchasing beautiful items for the couple’s new home, such as window treatments. Window treatments can make a home seem cozier and finished, not to mention keeping the sun and heat out of rooms in the middle of hot days. Sunburst Shutters window treatments offer many varieties of window treatments that would be perfect for any home.


Even if a newly married couple is living in an apartment, tools are still a great choice for a helpful wedding gift. Outfitting a couple with a basic tool kit containing a hammer, screwdrivers, and other essentials will allow them to make small repairs with the correct tools. Long after the other wedding gifts are used, the tools will be brought out and used regularly.

Membership to Local Community Center

When they are first married, couples may struggle financially and need to cut costs. A gift of a membership to a local community center will be a welcome gift for anyone. This will allow the couple to do recreational activities together, such as swimming and working out. Some community centers also have activities planned as well, so newly married couples can enjoy activities without spending a great deal of money.


Another helpful wedding gift is a set of quality cookware. If a couple is just starting out in life, or even if they are combining established households, cookware is a welcome addition to any kitchen. Surprise the happy couple with basics such as pots, fry pans, and bake ware and they will be able to cook delicious meals for years with your gift.


When you cannot think of any other gift for the couple that has everything, consider giving a cash gift. The recipients can use this in any way they please, from paying off wedding bills, supplementing a vacation fund, or even just grocery money. While it is not a very personal gift, cash is always appreciated and helpful.

Guest Poster Annette Hazard is a freelance writer that usually writes about home and family