4 Compromises You May Need To Make In Month One Of Marriage

Marriage is a commitment that takes hard work and dedication to ensure a happy life with another person. Although there are many benefits to marriage, it is also requires a bit of compromising to ensure that each person is happy in the relationship. These compromises most commonly begin in the first month of marriage.

1. Sleeping Habits

You may be used to getting the sheets all to yourself, but in the first year of marriage it can be an adjustment giving up your space in bed and not getting the sheets to yourself. It can also mean dealing with someone else’s sleep schedule, which can include your spouse getting up at an early hour or going to bed much earlier than you. You can easily compromise on sleep, which will take time to adjust to before you both get in a rhythm.

2. Financial Decisions

Having your own bank account means having the freedom to chose where your money goes and what your expenses include. Sharing it with a spouse can mean compromising on where the money is used, especially if your spouse has a particular need. It can mean giving up certain luxuries, like shopping, once having to pay for other necessities in marriage. If your spouse has debt, it can also mean having to pay it off and put certain luxuries aside.

3. Schedule

Your schedule will likely change in the first month of marriage as you learn to spend time with your spouse after work or on the weekends. It can mean not heading out for a round of golf with your friends to spending Sunday cleaning or with your in-laws. Marriage means having to compromise with your schedule and have more flexibility to ensure the needs in your relationship are met.

4. Space

Whether your spouse moves into your home or vise-versa, it will be an adjustment giving up extra drawers in your dresser or part of your closet. Shortly after getting home from the honeymoon, many newlyweds often discover that they simply don’t have enough room in the home for their combined belongings, making it important to consider self storage units in Stockton CA without having to get rid of any possessions. This can make it easy to continue owning the items until moving into a larger space where you’ll be able to display and use them once again.