Your wedding day is one of the happiest of your life, and should be spent enjoying yourself rather than sweating details. These six simple but often overlooked tips can help you feel prepared and calm on your big day.

Experiment Early

A few weeks in advance, style your hair and do your makeup the way you think you want them for the wedding. This gives you plenty of time to make any changes, so you’re not scrambling to replace the wrong shade of lipstick on your way to the ceremony. Consider a visit to Pembroke Pines smile makeovers for a tooth-whitening as well, and if you want a tan be sure you do it early so you can look more natural and less orange the day of.

Remember Your Vendors

Remember your photographer, band members, and other vendors when calculating how much food you will need and make, a plan with your caterer for feeding them. Prepare any tips or payments in advance, and delegate the task of paying vendors to someone in the wedding party or a family member. You don’t want to be safeguarding cash or writing checks at your reception.

Plan the Day

Make a schedule of your wedding day tasks and leave plenty of time for each, including a nutritious breakfast. Knowing what time you will be at the hair salon, and when the photographer is coming will help you feel organized and confident. Be sure to stay organized so you don’t overbook. A written schedule keeps you and your helpers on the same page and eases pressure. Music Box Invites is happy to share a FREE excel spreadsheet timeline to any Bride-to-be who emails us for it.

Layout Clothes

The night before the wedding, select the outfit you will wear before your ceremony. Choose a zippered sweatshirt or button-down top you can easily remove without pulling over your hair or makeup when you change into your gown. Pick something comfortable and relaxing that will look good in the pre-glamour pictures your family will snap at home.

Prepare the Paperwork

Paperwork isn’t romantic, but is important and easy to forget. Get your paperwork in order before the wedding and pack it with other wedding day essentials. You will need your marriage certificate and should have identification and passports ready in a carry-on bag for honeymoon traveling.

Surrender Your Phone

Give you cell phone to the maid of honor the night before your wedding. This way you can enjoy your day calmly, instead of fielding calls from lost relatives or confused vendors. Let her know what calls you want to handle yourself and have her filter out the others.  You can also put alerts on your phone calendar for what things should happen at what time and when that alert goes off, she can inform the band or banquet people what should happen next (for example, time to cut the cake, etc). And if you want her to share your event on Facebook or other social media, she can take pictures and post them for you.

After you do these things, take a deep breath and relax – enjoy your wedding day!