gatsby-2Music Box Invites LOVES weddings and wants to share REAL weddings with our  Blog and Facebook fans. So beginning in April, each WEDNESDAY we will focus on a real wedding. Wedding submissions can be from wedding planners and/or actual couples or their families/friends.

There are very few rules ..

  1. We don’t care WHEN the wedding was – 10 days or 10 years ago, doesn’t matter to us!
  2. If you are using pictures that your photographer took, you must give photo credit
  3. Keep it short – no more than 5 pictures and 3 paragraphs – we WILL edit to make the blog read better but try to keep it sweet and to the point.
  4. If someone other than the couple is submitting the wedding, we need to have the couple’s permission and their email address so we can follow up with them.

Please include the following:

  1. Date of Wedding
  2. Name of Bride and Groom
  3. Bride and/or Groom’s email address
  4. Place: Venue, City, State
  5. The vendors you used (and if possible links to their sites) that you LOVED  – tell us why you loved them so that other couples can try them
  6. Your FAVORITE moment of the day
  7. Your FAVORITE item(s) of the wedding (ie: Bouquet, cake, invite)
  8. Anything you did really differently from other weddings

To submit, please go to this link:

If you are chosen (and we will try to choose EVERYONE who submits), we will get back to you and let you know what day it will be featured on our blog/Facebook page so you can share it with all your friends. You will need to LIKE our page to do so.

So please SHARE your wedding with Music Box Invites!