During the year, many people attend several different weddings that often all have similar decor, styles, and food, making it important to throw an event that is both memorable and unique. By incorporating different elements into the reception, it can make for an unforgettable experience that is fun and truly different than all the rest and make your reception memorable.

photobooth_header1. Photo Booth

Allow guests to get playful in front of the camera with an old-fashioned photo booth. Photo booth rentals are becoming an increasingly popular party favor. Guests can enjoy playing with props that are provided while taking photos together for a printed souvenir that can be taken home or placed in a guestbook for the couple. Different backdrops can also be used in the photo booth, as well as monogrammed designs that are printed on each photo strip to mark the special event.

2. Ice Cream Truck

Gelato and ice cream trucks are a great way to provide dessert at a reception for an informal and unique food item that is fun. Guests can enjoy requesting different flavors, which will work to complement the cupcakes or cake slices and can be hand-picked by the bride and groom beforehand. The ice cream truck will bring along the spoons, bowls, or cones for a great way to make a formal event feel less stuffy.

3. Games

When hosting an outdoor reception during the summer, several games can be provided to allow guests to mingle and have a bit of fun. Horse shoes, large chess board games, and checkers have a high amount of aesthetic appeal, while preventing family and friends from getting bored with small talk.

4. Confetti Bar

A confetti bar is a fun way to allow people to mix their own confetti with different shades and sizes available to throw on the dance floor, or when the bride and groom make their big exit. Large glass jars and bowls are great party rentals that can be used to hold the different amounts of confetti for an attractive display that will be exciting to browse.

5. Cameras on Tables

To allow guests to interact and have a bit of fun, disposable cameras can be left on each table with a sign that asks guests to photograph themselves and the party throughout the evening. The bride and groom can then have the cameras collected at the end of the night for dozens of candid photos that will make for great memories.

And if you really want your wedding to stand out from the crowd, consider sending custom MUSICAL wedding invitations – your guest will be wowed and know that they are going to the BEST wedding of the season!