Months of planning. Finding the perfect dress. A beautiful day filled with emotional once in a lifetime moments. You have decided that it should be captured forever with a beautiful video. Now what? How do you decide on a videographer for your wedding? Most people aren’t sure where to start when evaluating wedding videographers. So we have put together this helpful list to get you started in choosing your videographer.

First of all, with all vendors you should compare THREE vendors. You should ask recently married friends if they liked their vendors and get the names of those they LOVED. You can also check The Knot, Wedding Wire and other online wedding places to see who the local vendors are and what their reviews were. Then narrow your list down to three and ask them all the same questions. A good plan is to put the questions on an excel spreadsheet and then jot down their answers so you can compare the three item by item.

Questions to ask a potential  Wedding Videographer:

1)     How professional is he – Make sure the videographer you hire is licensed and insured. Liability insurance not only protects the videographer, but you, too. Many venues, in fact, require their vendors to carry a certain amount of liability insurance. If someone trips on a piece of equipment, or the venue is damaged, you could be held responsible.

2)     What questions does he ask you to form a relationship – You should always try and meet personally with your wedding videographer to make sure that you are comfortable with them. You are going to be spending one the most important days of your lives with this person, who will be close by documenting it. The more your videographer knows about you, your fiancé, and your ceremony, the more personal you can expect your video to be. See if the videographer is asking YOU the right questions and making sure he is going to film what is most important to you.

3)     How much experience does he have – Make sure your videographer is experienced with shooting weddings. Someone fresh out of film school may be an extremely talented videographer, but may have a complete lack of understanding on how to document a wedding properly. Ask how long they have been in business, how many weddings has he done. Who are his other clients. For example, Unity Event Videography spent years working for Disney on their Fairytale Weddings and completed over 1,000 wedding videos. A company like Disney does a lot of research before they hire someone to represent them.

4)    What is his  Style – There are several ways of documenting a wedding. Ask to see at least ONE sample of a completed DVD that was delivered to a customer. That way you can get a better idea of the videographer’s style instead of making a decision based on selected demo clips.

5)     Does he shot in HD (high definition) – Great equipment does not necessarily make for a great wedding videographer. It is really about the videographer’s ability to capture the special moments of your wedding and to tell a story. But HD cameras do make a difference in the picture quality. In addition, HD cameras allow for your video to be viewed properly on wide screen televisions.

6)     What type of Audio Does he use? – The reason everyone got dressed and showed up to the party was to hear you and your fiancé profess your love and commitment to one another through the exchanging of your vows. Unity Event Videography  uses two small wireless microphones placed on the officiant and the groom to capture every precious word.
7)     Last of all, What is His Price – Professionals will not always be the cheapest because of the investment they have made into their business, their equipment, and their education. You can find “bargains” on Craigslist, which reminds me of something my mother might tell me: you get what you pay for.uses two small wireless microphones placed on the officiant and the groom to capture every precious word.



Featured Vendor is Unity Event Videography –

Unity Event Videography is owned and operated by Bill and Rachel Carnicelli. With over 20 years of video production experience, they promise to treat your special event with the care and respect that it deserves. For more than six years, their company produced over 1,000 wedding videos for Disney Fairy Tale Weddings in Orlando.  You can bring their expertise, trusted by Disney, to your wedding day. Their company is a licensed, insured Florida corporation. Nationwide criminal background checks are performed on all employees, and even the owners, for the protection and peace of mind of our clients.