Looking for some thrilling and heart-stopping adventures for your honeymoon? Well there are plenty of things you can do to make that first week of your marriage memorable and exciting. A honeymoon is a chance to do something extravagant and lavish that you most likely will never do again. So why not go all out? Here are 4 great activities you can do to add some thrills to your very special time together.

1. Scuba Diving

For swimmers, scuba diving is a great way to see some beautiful sights and create an unforgettable experience with you and your new spouse. The Caribbean, the Virgin Islands and Hawaii are all great places for this underwater adventure. Just make sure you bring your waterproof camera, as you won’t be visiting that spot again anytime soon!

2. Skydiving

On this adventure, you can seal the deal of your vows with this symbolical representation of “taking the plunge”! Hold tight to each other and snap the photos as you sail down 10,000 feet from an airplane. There’s nothing better for a good thrill, and your husband may even say that his heart beat faster falling from the sky than when he proposed. (Although we doubt it.)


3. White Water Rafting

Royal Gorge Colorado is a great location for a honeymoon, and white water rafting is a chance for thrill and danger that will bring you closer together. Get your first taste of working together as a team to survive the many obstacles in front of you in a very literal sense. These Royal Gorge Colorado adventure tours also offer ziplining if you prefer that to getting wet.

4. Hang Gliding

Everyone wants to fly, and you and your spouse can create an unimaginable experience when you take off into the sky together. Unless you both have experience with it, you’ll be flying separately, but you’ll feel just like birds as you sail the skies for 15-20 minutes. You might even feel like you reached the same level of flying as you did when you first kissed each other. Ok, maybe not quite that high.

Whether you decide to explore the coral reefs or see the heights of the city, the most important things is for you and your spouse to pick something that you both will enjoy and remember forever. You’re making memories, and no matter what you do, you can be sure your honeymoon will be very special for the both of you.