sapphire-horizDo you have something exciting coming up? Your invitation makes a big impact, whether you’re planning for a wedding, bridal shower or baby shower.

The invitation is the first thing people see in relation to whatever the event may be, and it gives them the overall impression of what to expect. Your invitation spells out if it’ll be a black tie affair or a no-shoes necessary party.

Amazingly, one of the biggest factors that can make or break your invitations is the colors you use. Colors are directly related to our culture and how we think and feel. That’s why it’s important to find a color scheme for your event, and start using your color scheme with the invitation. Let’s take a look at some of the colors you’ll want to use to get people excited for your celebration. So here is a bit of “color psychology” for you to ponder!


White is a traditional color, and is a great way to really make a clean, sophisticated impact. Traditionally, it marks a fresh, unsoiled, pure area or person. This color makes others pop, and it pairs well with basically all others.

Traditionally, in American culture, white is associated with weddings and other new beginnings. However, other cultures use white to signify death – something to keep in mind as our culture continues to assimilate others.


Black is, of course, a bold color choice, especially if you choose to make it your main color. It makes every other color that is mixed with it pop. When used properly, it can create a unique, sophisticated experience unlike any other.

It’s the color of power and control, so while it might not be a great idea for weddings, it can certainly send power messages for other events where you may need that image. It has the added benefit of creating an aura of mystery and suspense, so you may find your guests wondering what will happen next.

2013-06-10 09.58.49Gold

Nothing signifies luxury the way gold does. Using this color, even in sparing amounts as an accent, has a definite and immediate impact on guests. It implies that no expense was spared and elegance and extravagance are the names of the game.

If you use gold, your guests will expect the best. It is well paired with other extravagant touches, such as embossed lettering or a touch of lace.


When people see red, they think of roses, and love. Red signifies romance and passion, which makes it a great choice for any romantic event. Red is also a stimulating color, which means it will encourage people to be engaged and excited. Be careful, however, as too much red can be overly stimulating and create a claustrophobic environment.romance

There are many other effects red has, such as simulating hunger and increasing urgency. Don’t be surprised if your guests seem extra hungry!


Green is a color you can use for almost any event, from a wedding, baby shower or a milestone birthday party. Since it is such a versatile color, it really adds a breath of fresh air to an event.

It tends to be a calming, yet expensive, color, and creates an atmosphere perfect for a classy, lighthearted event. Using it in a border on an invitation, or as a pale background color, instantly puts people at ease and makes them want to attend. It indicates that things will be taken care of, and people will have fun, not drama.

Regardless of what kind of event you are having, always keep in mind your invitation is the first thing that draws people in. Keeping it linked with the rest of your party creates a sensation of belonging and makes your theme unmistakable. For your next event, make sure you choose carefully, whether you want white for purity, red for passion or green for laid-back elegance, as each one conveys its own distinct message.

Adrienne Erin is a freelance writer and designer who loves social media, music, and the French language. To see more of her work, follow her on Twitter at @adrienneerin or visit her blog, Design Roast.