Getting ready for your wedding portraits is one of the most important parts of planning for your wedding day. You will keep your photos forever, even if you don’t keep your dress, your bouquet, or your shoes! Here are some tips for planning your wedding portraits so that both bride and groom will be picture-perfect when they tie the knot.

Skin Secrets

The appearance your skin and hair will have a lot to do with how well your wedding pictures turn out. Of course all brides and grooms want their skin to be clear and healthy and their hair to look well styled or arranged.
Be sure to use an effective acne treatment, if you need one, for several weeks before your wedding to ensure any breakouts have cleared. Use makeup to cover any scars or blemishes and use pressed powder to conceal shiny areas of your face to avoid glares. Some people also choose to cover their tattoos for their wedding portraits.

Hair Helps

Keep your hairstyles simple and classic. The bigger the hair, the more distracting it is. After all, you don’t want to detract from the main purpose of your wedding portraits. Make sure you hairstyle won’t be dated in a few years. You want to be sure your wedding pictures look as timeless as possible.

Jewelry Joy

You might not think the jewelry and accessories you wear, such as earrings and necklaces, could make that much difference in your wedding portraits. However, large, bright or shiny jewelry can be really unflattering in the finished photos. This, of course, applies to both the bride and groom. Consider taking out that big gold hoop or eyebrow ring for the most important photos of your lifetime. Stick with pieces that are simple, hold special significance and don’t distract from the overall portrait.

Teeth Tips

Your smile should light up your face, and show off how happy you are on your wedding day. The condition of your teeth will also have a huge impact on your finished wedding portraits. If you have yellowed teeth, a lot of visible, dark colored fillings, or other dental work that needs to be addressed, you really should get this seen to before your portraits are taken. According to a family Utah dentist, whitening programs can be finished in just a few weeks. Visit to find out how other natural whitening techniques as well.

Lip Love

For really great smiles, you’ll want to ensure that your lips are moisturized to avoid cracking and peeling. Once you have applied lip balm, put a layer of subtle gloss or lipstick over the top. Keep your lip balm handy for touch ups during your portrait session. Don’t do any color that will be too dramatic for your color photos.

These are just a couple of the things you can easily do to make a huge difference in your wedding portraits, ensuring that you are camera ready on your big day.

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