The world of wedding gifts can be a minefield even for the savviest of shoppers. It can be hard to enough to pick up a perfect gift for a close friend or family member, so when you are invited to celebrate the union of an acquaintance or new co-worker, choosing the right present can seem almost impossible. The trick is to concentrate on affordable, general gifts which are slightly generic but still show that you have put in the time and effort to go to the shops. Here are seven ideas to avoid an awkward situation.

Of course, if they are registered somewhere, that helps. Ask a friend of the couple where they may be registered and then choose something from that list in your price range. But if they are not registered, here are some great wedding gift ideas:

A bottle of wine

Most people appreciate a nice bottle of wine. Plop a bottle or red, rose or white wine in a gift bag and you will be ready to go. This idea is perfect if you are a last minute shopper as you can easily stop off at the shop on the way to the ceremony. Although the couple will thank you when they receive the wine, if they do not drink or the wine is not to their taste, they can always use the wine to give to someone else for an upcoming event. Although red wine is delicious, it can also be dangerous around dresses and white clothing so protect wedding attire from drops and spills with some UK wedding insurance.

Home baked treats

A batch of homemade cookies or a cake is another general crowd pleaser and a great way to show off your skills while saving a bit of cash. Even if your creations aren’t award winning, the bridal couple will still appreciate the effort, in a slightly sympathetic way.

Bathroom goodies

Bath and body gift sets are always a safe option for any occasion. The pretty packaging and sweet smells are pleasing to the senses and will look great in the bathroom of a new marital home. For extra precaution, look for hypoallergenic products which are kinder to sensitive skin.

A photo frame

A nice decorative photo frame is a great wedding gift as the bridal couple can use your present to display a precious moment from the big day. If you don’t know the couple very well, they probably won’t expect you to put a photo in the frame before the ceremony.

An ornament

Like a decorative bathroom set, an ornament like a glass vase or a ornate bowl can add a pleasing finishing touch to a marital home. Look for everyday items which are pleasant such as a nice set of candles.

A homemade food hamper

If baking isn’t your forte and arts and crafts gives you a headache, a food hamper is a quick and easy way to create a cheap but personal gift. Buy a small basket then line it with straw or material for decoration. Next, fill the hamper with a few jars, boxes and sweet treats. As an added extra, choose seasonal products such as summer jams or a warming winter soup.

Gift vouchers or cards

If you completely run out of ideas, have gift vouchers or cards on standby. The couple can then use the voucher to pick out something that they actually like rather than politely accepting a gift which isn’t to their taste. No amount of cheap wedding insurance can save a bridal couple from a mountain of dud gifts!

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Terisa Able is a freelance content write and marketing coordinator from London. When she’s not working, you’ll find her in Hyde Park with a book and champagne in hand.