Many traditions and superstitions are associated with wedding ceremonies all around the world. While many old wives’ tales and dated stories remain firmly in the past, some of these rather paranoid customs are still celebrated now. In fact, some superstitions have become so ingrained in today’s ceremonies that we don’t even think to question them. We have comprised a quick list of wedding superstitions to help make your big day a little luckier.


Wedding superstitions regarding names and surnames are perhaps the most unavoidable and frustrating for any bride who wishes to practice them. According to the old rhyme ‘To change the name and not the letter is to change for the worst and not the better’, it was deemed unlucky to marry a man or woman whose surname began with the same letter as your own. On the same note, a similar tale also thought that it was unlucky for a bride to write down her new surname prior to the wedding as this would be tempting fate.

Ring Finger

Couples today recognize the ‘ring finger’ as a common fact rather than a superstition. However, like all customs during a typical ceremony, even this small feature has its origins. According to sources, the ancient Greeks were the first to wear their marital rings on the left hand on the fourth finger as they believed that the vein within this chosen finger led directly to the heart. Before this idea was introduced to England in the 1700’s, rings could be worn on either hand and on any finger. Perhaps this also explains why it is bad luck for a bride to take off her engagement ring before her big day. Team your engagement ring with a sparkling manicure before your big day by heading to Secret Salons – With over 50,000 venues across the UK, the directory is increasing by the day. Even better the site offers great special offers.


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Pearl Framed Invite by Music Box Invites

Many bridal looks are teamed with a beautiful pearl accessory, not only because they work well with a traditional white dress, but because they are also said to represent either good luck or bad luck – whichever you want to follow! According to superstition, the pearls represent the bride’s tears in either version, however, they can either symbolize a tear-free marriage or a tearful marriage. Unfortunately, there are no bridal guides for choosing the right pearls. Many upscale, custom invitation companies are incorporating pearls into their designs.

Not seeing the bride (or gown) the day of the wedding

Keeping your lavish wedding dress away from the groom before the ceremony is a nice idea in itself as it prolongs the mystery until the final moment. However, it may be surprising to know that this wedding tradition actually has a less romantic origin. Many marriages in England and the rest of Europe were arranged by fathers seeking better titles, money and land. According to myth, many fathers were worried that the lucrative deal would be called off if the groom were to see his pride and joy before the big day.

imagesThree Magpies

The humble magpie has been the subject of many tales of luck and bad luck over the years. In old folklore, seeing one magpie represents death while two symbolizes prosperity. If a bride saw three magpies prior to the service, the creatures would give her good luck in her new marital path.

We hope that this array of superstitions has given you an insightful if not enjoyable look into the world of weddings before your big day. If you have any unusual family customs which you plan to follow, let us know!



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