4 beauty tips for a beautiful brideA woman’s wedding day is one of the most memorable twenty-four hours of her life. Every single aspect must be perfect. The wedding dress is the main attraction, but what good does a dress do if everything else is totally botched? No girl wants to look like she just rolled out of bed and slipped into a dazzling wedding dress. With these simple tips and tricks woman are guaranteed to be stunning from head to toe. Use make up to your advantage and use these 4 Beauty Tips to get yourself perfect for your big day.

  1. Primer Means Perfect –  One of the biggest problems women have is trying to find a way to keep their foundation on for the entirety of her special day. It is highly recommended to use a primer before applying any kind of makeup. The primer gives foundations and eye shadows something to latch onto without creating a greasy shine. The process will also ensure that any fine lines or pores will be smoothly erased.
  2. Secretly Sleepy Bride – Planning a wedding can be incredibly time consuming, and leave many woman exhausted by the time their big day comes around. That’s why it is essential to cover up those unwanted dark circles. Applying concealer with a small concealer brush below the eye will take care of the dark circles layers of foundation couldn’t erase. According to the Emerge spa in Boston, extremely light eye shadows, preferably white, applied near the tear ducts will also open up the eyes, and keep the bride from resembling a zombie.
  3. Lose the Oil -For brides getting married in the warmer months and locations, there is always the threat of having a greasy sheen. Brides should look for products that don’t contain oil. Keeping oil-free blotting sheets on hand is also a good way to keep makeup in tact prior to, during, and after the bride’s dream day.
  4. Defined Eyes Built to Last – Liquid and gel eyeliners are ideal to support a stunning look for hours on end, but there is no need to fret if pencil liners are up a bride’s alley. All that’s really needed to keep applied pencil eyeliner looking fabulous, is tracing over it with a matching eye shadow. The powder sets the liner, creating a long lasting look sure to make any groom drool.

Following these ideas will keep brides looking angelic long after they have said I do. One mistake can turn a girl’s dream come true, into a horrific nightmare. Don’t let something as simple as makeup ruin such a monumental occasion.